Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Make Money From Home!

Everyone wants to make more money in this economy right? RIGHT! Well I have been compiling a list of fantastic paid survey sites (and a list of the not so great ones) and I have decided to share them with you! I promise these are the best, highest paying sites! You can earn cash, gift cards, ipods, etc! And these are the sites that I PERSONALLY have gotten things from!! Some pay weekly, others pay once a month.

Before I post the links, here are some tips for making the most money possible!
1. Set up a paypal account. There is no credit check, it costs nothing to sign up, and its 100% safe & secure. Click here to set up a paypal account!

2. If you don't have a bank account, you can get a free account w/ a card no credit check needed!! You do not need to be 18 to sign up, and you get a choice of 4 cards! INCLUDING A PINK DEBIT CARD! CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR NEW CHECKING ACCOUNT!

3. Set up a new email address JUST for your survey sites and registrations. If not, your regular email will be filled with spam emails!

4. Sign up for roboform. its a free download, you prefill all your information, and when you click your "profile" with roboform, it will fill out all forms for you saving tons of time!

So that all being said, here is my list of the best survey sites around!!

1. Fusion Cash this is one of my favorite sites! they have some of the highest payouts, they pay fast, and you can choose to be paid via check, paypal, OR direct deposit!!
Free Money at FusionCash!

2. Inbox Dollars This is another great site, you can get paid just for clicking through emails! Shop online, take surveys, read emails, and make money for all of it!

Treasure Trooper One of my favorite sites! Not only do they credit you almost instantly, they have tons of FUN offers, games, sweepstakes, etc!!

4. Cash Crate my FIRST check from them was $174!!! I have had a ton of success, the offers are credited very fast! you get a bonus JUST for signing up!!

5. Panda Research very high payouts, not as many surveys, but they pay $5-$80/survey!!

6. You Data lower payouts, but VERY easy to do. just by viewing ads youll make money! Plus they automatically pay you EVERY friday in your paypal account!

7. SnapDollars this one has a GREAT referral program..everyone you refer who signs up makes $5, and you make $5 JUST for them signing up!! the payouts are fantastic as well!

8. Gangster Greed another fantastic referral program, this one pays 25% of what your referrals make!

9. Search & Win use this site to search the internet, shop online & earn FAB prizes!!!

10. For all moms out there, I suggest EVERY one of you sign up for Huggies Enjoy The Ride program! you can earn points which you can redeem later for gas cards, movie tickets, even a years supply of diapers AND a brand new toyota prius!!!! Click here to go to the site! I have a ton of codes, so if you need some, let me know I can email them to you, you can earn 72 points !!!

sign up for one, or sign up for all!! my advice is to pick 4-5 to maximize your payouts and how much you really earn! tell all your friends & family about it! everyone makes money & will be happier!!

If you want EVEN more survey sites, email me katiecouturexo@yahoo.com and I will send you a list of tons more sites!

Good luck & enjoy raking in the cash!!