Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween & a Safety Message

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are going to have a safe & happy Halloween! Please be sure that you are all VERY careful about letting your children take candy from peoples buckets. I just saw on the news that the H1N1 virus can live for hours on a candy wrapper or inside a candy bucket. Remember if you do take your children trick or treating (we are not going this year), to carry hand sanitizer (and/or disinfecting spray). I would hate to hear about anyone on my blog having a child get sick!! (or anyone, anywhere for that matter but obviously it is inevitable!)

So please be sure to take EXTRA precaution, don't let your child stick his/her hand in someones candy bowl and be sure to sanitize between every house! Luckily my daughter is only 1 1/2 so she doesn't know what Halloween is, but good luck to those with older children who are still going!!

Please CLICK HERE for more ways to keep your children safe today/tonight!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get Paid To Drive??

ABSOLUTELY! I just came across these two companies this morning, but I have read lots of reviews and they are 100% legit.

The first company I am going to talk about pays about $350/month. They do "wrap" your car so if you do not want your car wrapped completely or almost completely in an advertisement, this might not be the company for you. I wasn't sure at first if I was ok with having my jeep wrapped completely, but if you think about it, just having my car wrapped with an advertisement would pay my car payment! Which would be one less bill I would have to worry about! It is hit or miss though, sometimes you may get an advertisement, other months you won't. It depends on how often/where you travel for the ad to be seen.


The second company is a little different, rather than wrapping your car, they provide you with a magnet for your car, and also coupons and samples to pass out to people you talk to or see. You will be paid bi-weekly as campaigns last only two weeks. At the end you will need to send in a final report. I am not sure how much they pay, I assume it's by campaign and how much the advertiser wants to promote but don't quote me on that! lol.
What does a rep do for two weeks?

1. spread the word about the product to friends in person and online

2. drive with magnetic decal advertising the product

3. distribute samples, coupons, postcards, etc.

4. hand in a final report

CLICK HERE to read more/sign up

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kodak $15 Gift Alert!

Hey ladies!

If you signed up for the kodak gallery $15 gift card, today is the last day to use it! If you didn't get one on the first round, today starts a whole new round of gift coupons! Be sure to use yours soon!! See my original post HERE for more information!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

$1 Meal at Boston Market!

This afternoon I stumbled across a promotion from Boston Market! The closest one to me is about 25 minutes away, but it was so worth the drive to pay only $3.24 for a $24 meal (including taxes!)

With this $1/meal coupon, you will receive 3 pieces of dark meat or 1/4 white meat, mashed potatoes, and corn bread! YUM! I took a picture of my husbands meal (I got the white, he got the dark, and we got dark for our daughter). Clearly they aren't skimping on the meal so this is a deal I would NOT let pass by! The coupon is only valid until November 1st, so be sure to use it soon!!

CLICK HERE to get your coupon! (just enter your email in the box, and you will get a forward email almost insantly!)

Oregon Chai Tea Latte Sample!

This sample is back! I requested this last time and it was DELICIOUS!! If you like chai tea you will really enjoy this sample!!

It ran out quick last time so be sure to get yours quickly! SIGN UP HERE to get yours now! Enjoy!!

Gerber Yogurt Rebate!

Today obviously I was all over the place if you have read my last posts! lol. I stopped at Walmart today and as I was browsing the Graduates Puffs and Wagon Wheels, I saw a new Gerber Yogurt (it doesn't need to be refrigerated). Each package had a TRY ME FREE rebate on it so of COURSE I had to grab some! The price at my Walmart was $2.82 and the rebate covers up to $3.29 back. Rebate requests must be received by 12/31/09.

I bought one of each flavor, banana, stawberry, and peach. They are all natural and sugar free! Yum!

Update! & Some other random things!

Last week my Mother In Law asked me to bake 4 dozen cupcakes for her Halloween party over the weekend (saturday night)..and I of course agreed! So I took a picture (or 5..but I will only post one) of the best cupcakes I made. Please keep in mind I made these at like 1230 at night and had to be up at 6 for work the following morning!

The cupcakes were a HUGE hit at the party! & I had a blast baking a decorating! I just wish I had been able to find the red gel icing to make some "bloody" designs.
My daughter also got her first hair cut last week. So adorable! She makes this face (which shes making in the picture) and we call it her "Stink face", so she was making stink face the entire time she got her hair cut, but doesn't she look adorable? I know! lol

I just wanted to show you all the costume we got for her for Halloween! So adorable! It's a fairy princess costume, I am so excited to bring her trick or treating this year since it's the first where she can walk to the houses and actually have a fun time (we're going with our best friends & their two daughters!)
I hope you all took advantage of the Edible Arrangements offer on Facebook! I picked mine up last week and it was delicious!
I also won another jar of salsa and got the coupon the other day! Such high value coupons are always great ! I believe I had two more coupons coming to me as well :o) Yum! Good thing I love salsa!

So I promise I will be posting more deals and more beauty blogs, things have been pretty hectic in my life lately. My grandmother is slowly going down hill which is causing my family to stress over her well being. My mother just battled a year long infection in her leg and is finally (almost completely better), I worry all the time that my mother will get sick again and my grandmother getting worse. I have been trying to organize my life better, including reorganizing my house, redoing my family's budget, Christmas shopping, and everything else!

Thank you all for being subscribers & I hope you are all pleased with my blog posts!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Nic's Sticks Haul!

It has been quite a while since I have done a haul, but I have a few coming up in the near future!

Today as I was browsing the Target clearance bins, I came across a bunch of Nic's Sticks marked down from $7.04 to $3.52. I have heard good and bad things about them, but had never really been interested in buying them before. I love the sally hansen version so I just had to get one ( which actually turned into 6!)...

I have to say that this picture is TERRIBLE ..I took it on my iphone since it is so much easier to just email the pictures rather than plug my camera in and wait for them to all upload and blah blah blah..I promise when I do swatch them I will use my digital cameras so you can get a good look of the true color.
(left to right, Date Night, Run Don't Walk, Expression of Love, Red Eye to NY, In The Nic of Time, Home by Midnight)

I should have enough time to swatch them all tomorrow. The brush seems like it is very...flimsy.. I guess you could say. I am not sure I will love them, but I just HAD to get them.

So far the colors look nice, but they all remind me of other colors by opi/china glaze.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

AWESOME deal ( can be used as a holiday gift!)

The holidays are approaching fast and if you are anything like me, you like to plan ahead! I was just emailed this offer and I really think you guys will LOVE IT!

Pay $14.95 for 2 boxes of Gevalia and get a 12-cup stainless steel encased programmable coffeemaker and a stainless steel coffee scoop, a $108.00 value absolutely FREE with no future commitment.

I signed up for this offer in the past and it makes a GREAT gift! There are plenty of coffee flavors to pick from, and the best part, is there is no obligation to continue on their monthly program! You can cancel as soon as you receive your gifts!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

$15 giftcard to the Kodak Gallery!!

This is an awesome deal!! Kodak will be giving out 300,000 $15 gift cards to the new Kodak Gallery!

Here's how they are distributing those $15 gift cards (starts at 12 am ET):
* first 100,000 to register between Oct. 20 and 28
* first 100,000 to register between Oct. 29 and Nov. 5
* first 100,000 to register between Nov. 6 and Nov. 13

I just got mine!! I am using it towards Christmas presents!

(on the right hand side where it says GET YOUR FREE PHOTO GIFT HERE, just enter your email to get started!)

to get yours!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Free Edible Arrangements Dipped Fruit!!

I am SOOO excited for this one!!

Edible Arrangements is giving away 100,000 boxes of their dipped fruit (6 pieces, dipped in chocolate). A $15 value, the coupon will be sent to you via email within 1-2 days.

I LOVEEE Edible Arrangements, we had one at my wedding and it was a total hit!!

Just become a fan of Edible Arrangements on Facebook HERE and request yours!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

FANTASTIC way to save money!!

Recently, I was referred to a website that gives online rebates. I am always a fan of any rebates, so rebates that I can receive from shopping online is amazing!! As I was browsing some of the sites, I came across a store very similar to lush so I had to order..well that particular store ( gives 15% cash back on all orders!!

In just one day, I have made $7.18 in rebates! AMAZING!! They even give cash back on ebay!!! Nothing better!! You will receive a check every 3 months as long as you have made $5.01 in cash back! This period goes until December 31st, so its a perfect time to start with your christmas shopping & getting money back!

SIGN UP HERE for $5 instant bonus!!

Walmart trip:

Today I had a really fantastic trip at walmart. I actually despise going there because the people are so rude and the lines are insanely slow but the deals are what keep me coming back.

(please ignore my 21 year old stove..its being upgraded in December!! wooo!!)

Anyway, this is half the stuff I got tonight, I prefer to make more frequent trips with smaller amounts of items. Keeps my daughter happy which keeps my husband and I sane! lol.

All of those items shown I got for free.

Blueberry Muffin Top Poptarts I received a coupon for a free box when I signed up for the kellogs pop tarts SPRINKLINGS program. It's totally free!! & They send you samples, coupons, offers, etc! CLICK HERE to sign up!

The eggs were part of a egglands best promotion, each person to "donate" an egg on their site was able to print TWO b1g1free coupons. So both of those I got for free! If you bake a lot like I do, it's always important to keep lots of eggs on hand!!

The glade plug-ins were each b1g1free, I believe there was a limit on coupons to two each but I printed more from my mom and husbands computers. COUPON AVAILABLE HERE. I found these plug ins on clearance for $.98 each so I paid about $4 total for those.

I had also planned on getting some bumble bee tuna pouches because I have 3 $1/1 coupons but unfortunately my walmart had none. I also had coupons for b1g1free mouth wash but again, my walmart was out.

I hope everyone else is taking advantage of all the freebies out there!! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Free CleanWell Hand Sanitizer Wipe

CleanWell is a patented formulation of essential oils that kills 99.99% of germs.

Make sure to click the box where it says:
"Email me about new products, samples, giveaways and other goodies."

CLICK HERE to get yours now!

Free Baby Formula Samples

These are always great to have on hand!! I love the samples to keep in my diaper bag (although my daughter is 16 months old so I no longer use these samples, but they are also great to donate!)

Parent's Choice Formula Sample

Enfamil Gentlease Lipil

Members Mark Formula (your choice or two)

Similac Advance Early Shield

Nestle Goodstart Formula

I registered for a few of these companies and most of them send you high value coupons and continued sending cans of powder formula for months after my daughter was born!

Curel Itch Defense Lotion Sample

To receive a sample of our NEW Curél Itch Defense skin balancing Moisture Lotion for Dry Itchy Skin, please complete the form found HERE. I can't wait to get mine!!

Free Dog Food Sample

The first 1000 responders to this offer will receive a free sample of Birkdale Pet Mix food. I love dog food samples because they stretch the amount of food I have. I always mix the food samples with my dogs regular dog food. (Switching too fast can be really bad for pets!)

CLICK HERE for a sample of Birkdale Pet Mix

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hey everyone, I am doing a small blog sale, this sale is open internationally so wherever you live, you can purchase from me! All items are shipped via usps PRIORITY mail WITH delivery confirmation unless you want something different. I accept PAYPAL only for this, so if you don't have a paypal account, just stop on over to and sign up! Takes about two minutes and you'll be set!

I'm sure I'll be adding more items over the next few days as I go through things, but for now, here's what I have for sale!


Replica Coach cell phone charm. Adorable & pink. $20

I have a ton of REPLICA Coach keychains. More than just the ones shown here. As I find more, I will add pictures. Each keychain is $15.

REPLICA Juicy Couture Necklace & Earring Set. Heart Shaped with a crown and JUICY underneath the crown. $35 for the set. Will sell separately $20 for earrings and $20 for necklace.

Green & White Polka Dot REPLICA Chanel Dangly Earrings. $20.

Pink & Silver REPLICA Ed Hardy Purse. Medium Sized. Brand New. $45

Size 7 REPLICA Uggs. Look pretty much identical to authentic uggs. Regular Sand colored. Comes with box and care cards. Brand new! $75.00

Blue Acrylic REPLICA Chanel Studs. Small. $20 Brand New.

Light Pink Rhinestone REPLICA Chanel Belly Ring. Brand New $25.

Black and Gold Small Chanel Studs. $20 Brand New.

Blue & Gold REPLICA Juicy Couture Wristlet. $35 New Never Used.

Adorable Pink & Silver REPLICA Coach Bangle Bracelet. $35

All items will be first come first serve. I know I have more stuff to add so as I find things, I will add it. If you would like more/better pictures of anything, please just leave a comment with your email address and I will send some as soon as possible!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Burt's Bees Review

This time of the year is always an awful time for skin. Most people I know suffer from horrible dry skin when the weather turns so cold. Reason being? The temperature differences. Outside is very cold, you come inside, it's warm. The warm dry air sucks all the moisture from your skin.

My face/body never gets dry during the winter. MINUS my hands. The skin on my hands dries out worse than anyone I know. On top of that, I work with my 91 year old grandma who has visiting nurses and occupational therapists and all sorts of people in and out of the house all day. Which means I wash my hands SOOO much. I hate thinking about germs, and the fact that I could pass something to my daughter! I also work with puppies so we use tons of hand sanitizer (just like I could spread germs to you, puppies can spread germs to other puppies.)

Lately my skin around my cuticles has been sooo beyond repair, I am embarrassed to shake anyones hands or even show my hands!! While at Target over the summer, I saw they had the Burt's Bees line, and after browsing, I picked up some of their Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme.

There is only one thing that I don't like about this product. The tin it comes in is slightly on the difficult side of opening. It doesn't twist off or on, it's one that you have to pull open which can be tough. As far as I am concerned, that is the only downside. I don't particularly like the smell of most lemon products as they remind me of cleaning products, but this one doesn't have an overly lemony scent. I actually have two of these. I keep one next to my bed and one in my purse. I had totally forgotten about them until tonight when I kept thinking about all the cuticle products I had and which one I could keep in my purse.

I have found myself picking at my cuticles obsessively lately..rather than just using my cuticle nippers I keep ripping the skin. I think it's out of boredom? I know it's not a nervous habit. I don't know.

Buttt I only have good things to say about this stuff. In just a few short hours my cuticles already look soooo much better! It's not greasy, it absorbs quickly, but not so quick that you don't even know that you've put anything on them, it's fantastic for your nails as well. I can't say enough about it! I love it! I would recommend it to EVERYONEEE!

I have also seen it at walgreens for about $6 for a .6 oz tin which is the size I keep next to my bed. I have the .30 oz tin in my purse. I actually got it as a part of their Head to Toe kit which is about $15.

Ok, I need to stop this review, overall I LOVE this stuff & you all need to get it !!!

Phone Cover Mini Haul :o)

Sooo a few weeks ago, right after I got my iPhone, my husband surprised me with an Ed Hardy iPhone cover..I totally forgot about it because I had been using my "coach" one until the other day when the "coach" one broke. I didn't like the EH one since it was only a back cover but I put it on my phone the other day ..SOOO cute!!

It's officially my new fave coverr! I love ittt!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Free Pair of Acuvue Moist Contact Lenses!

Do you wear glasses? Have you ever wanted to try contacts but never wanted to commit to them? Here is your chance to try them for free!! Or maybe you already wear contacts but just want a free pair..whatever your reason, feel free to take advantage of another pair of lenses!! Just click the small banner below!!

Free Pair of Acuvue Color Contacts!

Seriously this is a fantastic offer!! A free pair of color contacts?! YUP!! If you have ever wanted to try a new eye color, now is your chance!!

Do You Live in MN or WI?

Then you are lucky!! I have a freebie just for you! They will send you a FREE 7.5 oz. bottle of Inspector Hector Dirt Detector color-changing hand soap and illustrated hand-washing tips mirror cling.

Offer valid through December 30, 2009, while supplies last. Limit one bottle of handsoap per household. This offer is limited to Minnesota and Wisconsin residents.

CLICK HERE for yours!

I just saved my family $200!!!

Yes! $200(a year!) ! I have been reading a lot on how to budget and cut back on certain things, and decided to try it myself.

The particular article I read is HERE. I came across Carries blog a few months ago and I have been diligently reading all of her articles as often as possible! I saved $200..I was totally motivated by Carrie to call my cable company (cox btw) and see if they could do anything to lower my bill. My husband had a sudden epiphany a few months ago and realized how much he hated his career and has gone back to school, I let the woman know that our income has come down a bit so he can focus on figuring out what he loves, however I am still working. Please do not lie to the company, this is true on my end! She immediately told me she could offer me a new package price for $10 less a month. $100/year right there. I then asked her what was actually on my package (cable, hbo, high speed internet, basic home phone (only for faxing), high speed internet, , DVR and wire protection plan) That is a lot of stuff I did not know I had.

First, I asked how much that protection plan was.. $5/month = $60/year..not neccessary. GONE! Now I am at $160/year savings.

I still was not satisfied with paying $179.95/month for cable! I then let her know I had been shopping around for new packages. I told her I was planning to switch to Verizon and they had the same package for $40/less a month. I asked to speak with the cancellation department when she said she couldn't give me any less off my bill. She folded. She said she will match what Verizon has for a plan, and will give that to me for the next 6 months. BINGO! Saved $200/year on cable/internet/home phone!

Thank you to the lovely Cox rep who helped me out! I very much appreciate you putting up with my negotiating!

& Thank you Carrie from Money Saving Methods for posting such informative blogs!

I will be doing this type of post often to document my savings/earnings and also to help out other bloggers!

Free Pregnancy Tests or Ovulation Tests

Free pregnancy tests/ovulation tests? Pretty sweet deal! lol, guess whats even sweeter? You can choose any combination of pregnancy/ovulation tests up to 10! That's a lot of tests!!

for yours!

All tests will be sent out via post office (priority mail I believe it said!)

Sacred Heart Mission is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the health
of pregnant mothers and their babies through charitable giving.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Hey Pretties!!

I have a ton of ideas for my blog for my beauty posts, but I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions/requests of things you want to see?

I try to take all requests you send my way!

I have some ideas that will be posted soon:
1. whats in my bag (i can't wait to do this one, it was an email request! lol)
2. mani/pedi tutorial
3. blog sale

and a whole bunch more! not including all of my random daily freebies and what not!

Buy ONE DOZEN eggs, get ONE DOZEN eggs FREE!!!

What an awesome coupon!!! We go through eggs like NOTHING in our house!

All you have to do is take the pledge HERE and you can then print your coupon for buy 1 dozen, get 1 free! IMPORTANT: THIS IS THE FIRST 20,000 PEOPLE TO PLEDGE ONLY! SO HURRY AND GET YOURS!!

**You can print the coupon twice to get two dozen eggs free! Plus they don't expire until December 31!! Who doesn't like free food!


OMG! I thought I had posted this last night but I just saw it was posted to my drafts!

HERBAL ESSENCES is giving away 75,000 coupons for FREE shampoo or conditioner (your choice, up to 12 oz bottle) !!!

The giveaway started last night and they are giving away 18,750 coupons every 24 hours, and the 24 hours restarts each night at 11:30PM EST!! I believe this is a US only giveaway, but I am not 100% sure on that.

ALSO! This is a FIRST come FIRST served giveaway, so don't wait until the last minute!! is the link to the FB page, and if you cant find it there, just try the HE website, click "promotions & offers" and find the GET GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY !!


NOTE: be patient! the site gets pretty crazy and can take a while to load..don't give up! It's worth it to get free shampoo/conditioner!!

Mini Update!

Hey everyone!!

I just wanted to let you know how excited I am today! My sliding door to my deck has FINALLY been replaced! (what a nightmare!! the door rotted because the doors were built in backwards, the condo association never cleaned our gutters which we pay for them to do with the condo fees, so when it rained, the water pooled right outside the slider, the wheels rotted off so we could hardly get the door opened! ugh! ) But it is now a brand new gorgeous white plastic cased door rather than wood! YAY! I got my new shelves put up in my laundry room now so I can move all of my towels in there and use my utility closet for all of my stockpiling!

Speaking of which, stockpiling has become an obsession for me..I want to buy things to just stock up on them..but when I run out of stuff that I have already stockpiled (i.e. laundry detergent), I don't want to touch the stuff that I have stocked up on! lol I have added a bunch more stuff to that table since the picture was taken lol :o)

And the news I am most excited about: I joined Kim Kardashian's "Shoe Society" called ..Check it out if you haven't already! Once a month, a team of stylists will pick 5 pairs of shoes for you out of the shoedazzle inventory, you pick your favorite pair, and they will send them to you for $39. No shipping fees, no hidden costs, no obligation to buy a pair every month, you have the option from the 1st through the 5th of each month to "skip this month" if you don't want any shoes that month. AHHHH I can't wait! I really hope they offer me the Stephanies in pink EVEN though they are on backorder. Aren't they gorgeous? PLUS since October is breast cancer month, 10% of all pairs of stephanies ordered will go to breast cancer research! Hot shoes for a worthy cause!!
They are backordered until December, which is FOREVERRR to wait for these amazing shoes but I am in LOVE!! Literally, love at first sight!! The shoes they order are amazing! I am a sucker for heels!

OH! AND IN OTHER NEWS: I am going to do another giveaway when I reach 50 followers, so girls start promoting!! It will be a fab prize (I'm thinking some MAC & some OPI or China Glaze!) Let me know what products you guys are loving right now!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Make Money From Home!

I know I have posted this already, but I wanted to bring this one back up so I have reposted it!! Enjoy!!!

Everyone wants to make more money in this economy right? RIGHT! Well I have been compiling a list of fantastic paid survey sites (and a list of the not so great ones) and I have decided to share them with you! I promise these are the best, highest paying sites! You can earn cash, gift cards, ipods, etc! And these are the sites that I PERSONALLY have gotten things from!! Some pay weekly, others pay once a month.

Before I post the links, here are some tips for making the most money possible!
1. Set up a paypal account. There is no credit check, it costs nothing to sign up, and its 100% safe & secure. Click here to set up a paypal account!

2. If you don't have a bank account, you can get a free account w/ a card no credit check needed!! You do not need to be 18 to sign up, and you get a choice of 4 cards! INCLUDING A PINK DEBIT CARD! CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR NEW CHECKING ACCOUNT!

3. Set up a new email address JUST for your survey sites and registrations. If not, your regular email will be filled with spam emails!

4. Sign up for roboform. its a free download, you prefill all your information, and when you click your "profile" with roboform, it will fill out all forms for you saving tons of time!

So that all being said, here is my list of the best survey sites around!!

1. Fusion Cash this is one of my favorite sites! they have some of the highest payouts, they pay fast, and you can choose to be paid via check, paypal, OR direct deposit!!
Free Money at FusionCash!

2. Inbox Dollars This is another great site, you can get paid just for clicking through emails! Shop online, take surveys, read emails, and make money for all of it!

Treasure Trooper One of my favorite sites! Not only do they credit you almost instantly, they have tons of FUN offers, games, sweepstakes, etc!!

4. Cash Crate my FIRST check from them was $174!!! I have had a ton of success, the offers are credited very fast! you get a bonus JUST for signing up!!

5. Panda Research very high payouts, not as many surveys, but they pay $5-$80/survey!!

6. You Data lower payouts, but VERY easy to do. just by viewing ads youll make money! Plus they automatically pay you EVERY friday in your paypal account!

7. SnapDollars this one has a GREAT referral program..everyone you refer who signs up makes $5, and you make $5 JUST for them signing up!! the payouts are fantastic as well!

8. Gangster Greed another fantastic referral program, this one pays 25% of what your referrals make!

9. Search & Win use this site to search the internet, shop online & earn FAB prizes!!!

10. For all moms out there, I suggest EVERY one of you sign up for Huggies Enjoy The Ride program! you can earn points which you can redeem later for gas cards, movie tickets, even a years supply of diapers AND a brand new toyota prius!!!! Click here to go to the site! I have a ton of codes, so if you need some, let me know I can email them to you, you can earn 72 points !!!

sign up for one, or sign up for all!! my advice is to pick 4-5 to maximize your payouts and how much you really earn! tell all your friends & family about it! everyone makes money & will be happier!!

Get In Shape For Halloween!!! {us only, sorry everyone!}

I know we all want to fit into our cute/sexy little Halloween costumes, right? Well right now, I have partnered up with Bally Total Fitness to give you all a FREE 7 day pass!!! With Halloween sneaking up on us, now is the time to start getting in shape!! Bally has locations all over the US!! If there was a bally closer than an hour away from me, I would totally be there right along with you guys! Plus, they are offering their lowest prices of the year right now!! Don't miss out on this one!!!

Bally's Total Fitness

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Free Full Size Products?

Yes, you read it right! There are tons of opportunities to receive full size products for free! So this blog post is going to be dedicated to letting you know how you can get your free products!!

1. The first and easiest company to sign up with is a very well known company, Johnson & Johnson. The right@home program is fantastic. They offer tons of high value coupons for all sorts of items like candles, cleaning products, etc! ANDDDD every few weeks, they offer free product kits to the first 10,000 requests (I'm not sure if it is always 10,000 maybe more sometimes, but I believe I have only seen it for the first 10,000) The most recent kit they were offering was an oust air freshener kit! I have also requested scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning pack, and a few others but I can't recall what they are off the top of my head.

2.The next company I am going to talk about is Vocal Point. Vocalpoint is a word-of-mouth company, you can request free full size products to try out, after you get it and use it for a while, you write up a review on what you think. Don't forget to be honest! Companies & consumers rely on these reviews to help mold the product into something we all want to use! CLICK HERE to sign up for vocal point! Today, I received a free Bounce Dryer Bar to try out and review!

I am still playing around with a few other companies, so once I feel them out, I will be posting a few more. I prefer to only let you guys know about the companies that are legitimate and really do follow through!!