Sunday, October 25, 2009

AWESOME deal ( can be used as a holiday gift!)

The holidays are approaching fast and if you are anything like me, you like to plan ahead! I was just emailed this offer and I really think you guys will LOVE IT!

Pay $14.95 for 2 boxes of Gevalia and get a 12-cup stainless steel encased programmable coffeemaker and a stainless steel coffee scoop, a $108.00 value absolutely FREE with no future commitment.

I signed up for this offer in the past and it makes a GREAT gift! There are plenty of coffee flavors to pick from, and the best part, is there is no obligation to continue on their monthly program! You can cancel as soon as you receive your gifts!

1 comment:

Cassidy said...

Hey Katie it's Cassidy :) This was such an irresistible offer, I had to get it! I'm getting my first apartment after I graduate in May and this will be perfect :) Thanks!