Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CVS Haul 9/29/09

So I am still new to this CVS thing, but I think I am doing pretty fantastic. This is my first significant CVS haul, where I saved about $50 total!

So that is what I got, and here is how I did it:

Transasction 1:
1 vaseline sheer infusion lotion $7.99
- $1.50 sheer infusion coupon
= $6.49 out of pocket, plus $7 in extra care bucks

Transaction 2:
1 bounce dryer bar $4
1 tide stain release $4
3 tide detergents $6
1 dawn dish soap $1 = $27 total
- $5/$25 CVS Coupon
- $1.50 off tide stain release
- $1 off tide stain release (there was a coupon machine right in front of the stain release products)
- $ 1 off dawn soap
- $10 ECB ($3 from last week, $7 from the vaseline transaction)
= $8.50 out of pocket + $10 in Extra Care Bucks

Transaction 3:
1 gilette venus spa breeze razor $9.99
1 lady speed stick $1.99 = $11.98
- $2 off venus spa breeze razor
- $10 ECB from previous transaction
= FREE!!! PLUS $5 in extra care bucks

So I started out this week with $3 in ECBs (extra care bucks) and I now have $5 in ECBs. The key to CVSing is rolling over your ECBs. You always want to make sure you either get back what you originally had, or more. You never want to have less than what you started with! Make sure BEFORE you go, you have all of your coupons organized, make sure you take your time, and don't rush through. I like to go to CVS later at night when not as many people are there. & Don't forget to get a CVS card if you don't already have one!! They are free and will save you a lotttt of money!!

New Nail Polish Swatches

The other day I stopped by Sally's to grab a couple more China Glaze Polishes, since the $1 off 2 polish sale was still going on. So I picked up two new CG's..I almost bought a couple Orly's and Finger Paints, but I am so insanely picky with my polish that it takes me a while to convince myself I need to try something new! lol So the colors I chose were Sexy Silhouette, and Love letters & I LOVEE both!! I couldn't get a good picture of Sexy Silhouette, it's a very gorgeous pink/fuchsia/magenta not as reddish as it looks in the picture :o)

Sexy Silhouette by China Glaze

Love Letters By China Glaze (very very sheer, so I put two coats of Essie Marshmellow under two coats of Love Letters)

I really love how Love Letters came out with the white base underneath.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just a really quick update...

I have a bunch of hauls to do for you today, I tried doing one from my iphone but it didn't quite work out as planned lol. So today I will be posting quite a few hauls, I hope you don't mind!! I am super excited about the stuff that I purchased over the past few days, but really need to start toning this shopping addiction :o)


Oh and I will also be doing some nail polish swatches today as well..I bought two yesterday (yes only 2!!!! lol)

(picture has nothing to do with this update, I just really like it lol)

And hopefully I can find some fantastic freebies for you all again :o)

Sunday, September 27, 2009


So today I am totallllly aggravated! I started uploading some pictures of a bath and body works haul and some other pictures from this weekend, and what happened? My pretty pink dell inspiron laptop crashed. It wont even start up :o( This laptop is less than a year old!! How does that happen! I'm not even so upset that it happened since I somewhat expected it, but all of my pictures and music may not be retrievable! I have all the pictures from my daughters birthday, the day she was born, all of her firsts, I will be so sad to lose those :o( So I have taken over my husbands computer while he works diligently to fix mine.

So I have taken over my husbands computer lol, he isn't happy about it but he knows how lost I would be without it!! I am also going to start blogging from my iphone, I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I am excited to try it out!!

I actually plan on doing my bath & body works haul from my iphone just to try it out! If it goes well, I will probably end up blogging a LOT more often!!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Newest Nail Polish Swatches

Hey everyone!

I know I said earlier today I was going to start doing NOTD blogs and polish swatches and what not, and I was not lying! This afternoon, I swatched my most recent polishes (we're talking last two weeks) (minus two, steal-ing the scene by essie and strawberry fields by china glaze, I can't find either of them!!)Outta Bounds by China Glaze

Sex on the Beach, China Glaze

Platinum Silver, China Glaze

Black Diamonds by China Glaze

Seduce Me by China Glaze

Bahamian Escape also by China Glaze

L8R G8R by China Glaze OMG collection (it's actuallya very sparkly lime green holographic polish unfortunately the color didn't come out as nicely as it looks)
Hey! Get In Lime! OPI
Dear Diary, Sephora by OPI (soo washed out looking, its a REALLY gorgeous pale pink!)

So those are my most recent polish purchases, I admit to having a small polish obsession..but the way I see it is, no one wants to keep going to the manicurist who has only 5 want to go to the manicurist who has lotssss to choose from!! So I justify it that way to my husband. It's an investment!

mini update

Soo I have had an awesome freebie week this week! What about you guys? Are you getting a lot of the goodies I post? I hope so!

This morning I got a text from my co-worker, Danielle, telling me that our boss is giving us each free tickets to the concert of our choice at Foxwoods, and So You Think You Can Dance? is one of the options!! I am SOOOOOO beyond excited!!!

I have decided to add a few more elements to my blog. I started this blog as a beauty/fashion blog, then turned in a different direction to freebies/samples/making & saving money, and now I have decided that I am going to start adding in the beauty element again. I will be doing nail polish swatches (as a manicurist I have quite the extensive collection), reviews, hauls, as well as freebies, coupons, etc! I think this will round out my blog a little bit better and I will probably be throwing in a few more personal blog posts & stories about my everyday life.

I am really happy to see that people are actually enjoying my blog and do read what I write! I know a few of my followers are only followers because of my contest, but I hope that you will actually enjoy the content of what I post!!

If there is anything you would like to see posted on my blog, please feel free to contact me by email

I look forward to hearing from you all!!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Since I magically gained 10 new followers in about 6 hours, I have decided to add

I'm not sure what exactly I will be giving away but I assure you it will be as fabulous as all of you followers !! YOU ARE ALSO ABLE TO ENTER ONCE A DAY EVERY DAY UNTIL THE CONTEST IS OVER . Which is ONE WEEK from today (9/30/09). I will then use to pick TWO prize winners and will notify both winners by EMAIL! PLEASE be sure to give me the CORRECT/PRIMARY email address.. If I do not hear from the winners with 48 hours, I will be forced to pick a new winner (or winners if I don't hear from either).




Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Free Supreme Protein Bar Sample

Request your choice of rocky road, peanut butter or caramel nut crunch!! YUM! This is only while supplies last so hurry on over HERE to request yours now!!

Bridgets Blog Giveaway

Enter to win the mac wisteria palette and an adorable rose makeup bag from the body shop


Monday, September 21, 2009

Free Sample of Energy Drink

Real Energy Drink is offering a free sample of their energy drink. Samples will be sent within 8-12 weeks.


Another Blogger Giveaway!!

this is a fantastic giveaway! missmercurylady is giving away 5 prizes!!! All fantastic mac prizes & adorable jewelry!


Beauty List Tag

I was emailed by a few of you, to post my beauty list, I know there is a tag for this going around so I decided to go for it :)

Shampoo: John Freida Brilliant Blonde
John Freida Brilliant Blonde
Styling products: hair spray & setting mist, & scrunching mouse (for the days i curl my hair)
Shower Gel: i use a lot of bath & body works, or different brands i find on etsy
Body moisturiser: the body shop body butter
Deodorant: either ban or secret :o)

Fake Tan: i like the gradual tanning lotions like the jergens one :o)
Cleanser: clearasil 3 step cleanser
Exfoliator: soap & glory, the scrub of your life!
Primer: tarte clean slate
Foundation brush: i use sponges :o)
Foundation: any mineral makeup or if i run out, neutrogena

Concealer: covergirl
Powder: chanel
Blusher: mac grand duos mineralize blush in love rocks or grand duo
Bronzer: physicians formula
Highlighter: NYX - Highlighter
Eyeshadow base
: MAC paint pot
Eyeshadows: mac, nyx, i use tonssss
Eyeliner: sooo many
Curler: Shu Uemura
Mascara: mac zoomlash, or diorshow blackout
Lipstick: elf or mac
Lipgloss: omg i have tons of gloss, i cant name my favorites!
Nail Colour: China Glaze, OPI (more china glaze, they have amazing colors and lately i seem to be buying them left and right!)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sally Beauty Mini Haul

I have been debating buying a wax warmer for quite a while now. I read reviews on a whole bunch of different warmers, and decided to go with the GiGi Space Saver Wax Warmer. It does not have temperature control, so I was a little skeptical at first, but the reviews said that it works perfectly, you don't need the control. So I went to Sally Beauty Friday evening and bought it. I also bought a huge role of muslin to cut into strips as I need them, a 14oz can of their honee wax, and two china glaze nail polishes.

Sally had a coupon in their flier for free small muslin strips if you purchased a container of wax (I believe it was any GiGi wax) so I also got a package of small muslin strips which I didn't show in the picture because I already opened the package and used a bunch lol.

China glaze polishes were save $1 on two polishes. So with my sally PRO card, I only ended up paying $3.25 each! NOTHING compared to what I normally pay for my OPI polishes. I got Strawberry Fields (almost identical to OPI's senorita rosalita which is hands down my all time favorite color) and Black Diamond ( a GORGEOUS shimmery smokey charcoal color, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I have gotten so many compliments on it so far!!)

Pretty much, I could not be happier with the wax warmer I chose. It is the perfect size, the wax has not gotten hot (just the perfect warm temperature) and overall, I just love it! Sure beats going to the salon and paying $8+a tip everytime my unruly brows grow out! (I used to have them done weekly thats how crazy they get! lol)

I will try to do pictures of the two new polishes I got tonight or tomorrow but I can't promise anything!

Thank you to all my followers, & subscribers! I love hearing your feedback & reading your emails!!

This Weeks Sample Pic!!

I normally try to do this on Sunday nights, but lately I have been slacking, so I am doing it right now, at 10:36am ..I know it probably doesn't matter to anyone else what time I do this but I enjoyed doing it at night. HOWEVER, tomorrow is my big brothers 24th birthday, so we are having the family party today & I know I will be tired later!

Anyway, not a huge freebie week (I actually received most of them on Saturday) but I did get some fun ones! :o)
PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT smoke. I don't judge people who do, but I personally do not. (I actually got that sample to give to my dad!)

1. burts bees acne sample! yay!
2. fancy feast appetizers sample
3. total cereal sample
4. coupon for a free fancy feast appetizer from petco & another coupon I don't remember the value of
5. astroglide lube sample
6. heart to heart cereal sample
7. two gain detergent samples (i LOVE gain detergent, the apple mango tango is my absolute favorite <33)
8. eos organic lipbalm sample in sweet mint(not pictured) (MY NEW FAVORITE!!! its shaped like an egg (sort of) and the flavor is sweet mint..its delicious and I will not be buying any other brands now! PLUS!!! its 95% organic!! amazing!)

Hope you all are enjoying your samples!!!

Mini Update

I know I promised to be on top of my blogging lately, but I have been insanely busy!!

YESTERDAY (9/19) I got two new tattoos,(my second and third) a heart on my left hand and "live, laugh, love" on the inside of my right wrist. my husband also got his first tattoo so that was exciting!!

We really like how they came out!! I love tattoos, almost as much as makeup and beauty products!!

anyone who follows the original rules of my contest is now allowed to enter ONCE A DAY EVERYDAY until the contest is over!

I am also going to do a mini haul today & my sample picture!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend, I know I have!!

Also, if you're on FACEBOOK, add me HERE
Twitter me HERE

Contest Update!!

Hey ladies!!

I have decided to change up the rules to the contest, but its a good change don't worry! You are now able to comment ONCE A DAY EVERY DAY until the contest is over!!

Please don't forget to keep passing me on, blogging about my giveaway, or following me!!


Good luck to all who have entered!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Earn Points & Awesome Prizes!!!

Earn Points & Awesome Prizes all for simply searching the internet like you normally would!! Swagbucks is an amazing website that rewards you with "swag bucks" just for searching the internet! How cool is that?? I personally used to use google ALL the time, but now I win "bucks" just for searching. (At least $1 daily). Swagbucks can be redeemed for gift cards, clothes, ipods, all sorts of things, and new prizes are added all the time!! They even start you off with $3 bucks just for signing up!! Have fun earning awesome swag everyone!!

Search & Win

Wednesday, September 16, 2009



another bloggers giveaway

hey ladies!! I am posting ANOTHER giveaway for another blogger!!! Poppylipstain is holding her first giveaway as well!! lots of great prizes!! SEE HER GIVEAWAY HERE


Hey everyone!! Today I have some super exciting news!! I am going to be having a giveaway!!! This is my first giveaway, but I have won quite a few other bloggers giveaways so I decided it is time to have one of my own!! It is a small giveaway, but I have been collecting prizes for a while so if this one goes well, I will start having them regularly!!

Winner will receive:
1. hot pink patent leather wristlet/clutch
2. mineral elements mineral foundation in beige 2
3. mineral bronzer warmth powder
4. NYX glitter cream pallet 01 Paradise
5. NYX eyeshadow trio in cherry/cool blue/hot pink
6. 3 NYX glitter eyeliners in Silver, Apple, Gold

All makeup is new & unused!!!

1. All applicants MUST follow my blog
2. All applicants MUST either BLOG or TWITTER about my giveaway
(don't forget to link me to it!)
3. PLEASE also include your favorite nail polish color & brand!
4. Leave ONE comment to let me know the above & YOUR PRIMARY EMAIL ADDRESS
(I will email the winner to notify him/her of their win!)

That's it!! All entries MUST be received by September 30th 11:59PM EST!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

vanity & everything in between giveaway!

lots of giveaways going on lately!! follow the rules under the picture to enter!!

G-lish trio eyeshadow
Clinique black mascara
Clinique lipstick in Berrylicious
Estee Lauder lip gloss
Elianto nail polish
G-lish mosaic blush powder
Blue eyeliner

1. You MUST be a follower of my blog. So, click on the "follow" button if you aren't a follower yet!
2. Copy the image and post it together with the mechanics on your blog. Don't forget to link back!
3. Leave a comment on this entry saying, "I'm in!"


awesome blogger giveaway!!

smoke & diamonds is hosting a giveaway as well! and YOU get to choose what your prize is!! CLICK HERE to enter!!

another blogger give away :o)

xrocksmama is having a giveaway right now on her blog! winner will receive mac, jewelry from her sweet remix line, vs makeup, and vs makeup brushes!! CLICK HERE to enter!!

Walmart Freebies Today!!

Today I went to walmart with my two free pace salsa coupons, my free always infinity coupon, and a free yoplait yogurt coupon. Although they did not have the yoplait fiber one yogurt (I went to a regular walmart not a super walmart), I actually MADE money with the coupons I had!! The pace coupons were $4 each, my salsa was $2.24/bottle. I made $1.36/each jar. The pads were totally free as well :o)

Sooo, if any of you have won the pace salsa, try going to walmart & hopefully you can get money back from yours as well!!!!

Free Coffee Spoon

Receive a free Coffee Spoon from LICO. CLICK HERE. Quantities are limited so get yours now! Only one sample request per household will be accepted. Stocks are limited, so the free sample offer is strictly while stocks last.
Samples will be dispatched within 10 days of receiving a valid sample request. The free sample is not available to employees of The Lavazza and any other relevant company or its associated companies.


A few weeks ago, I entered a giveaway at for the mommas blog and today I received a package in the mail!! Guess what it wassss!!! My Yoplait Gift Pack from for the mommas!!! I am so super excited!!! PLEASE follow Shannons page it is filled with AMAZING deals & freebies!!!


Pace Hand Pick 2 Win Sweeps

So I have posted about the pace sweepstakes before, but I received my two free jar coupons yesterday in the mail! My husband almost threw them away, they were just two plain white pieces of thin cardboard, folded in half and sealed with a round clear tape sticker.
I won twice & received both coupons yesterday! I can't wait to go get my free salsa! I LOVE salsa especially on my eggs in the morning! Be careful when ripping them open, I was very excited and accidentally tore the first one I opened, of course right on the barcode!! If you haven't checked out the Pace sweepstakes, you can do so HERE (no code or purchase necessary, right above the picture of the salsa jars, theres a link that says "dont have a code" click that to get your code & play!!) GOOD LUCK!!

Mario Badescu Samples

Saturday I received my second set of Mario Badescu Skin Care samples! I did receive different samples from last time so it's very exciting to know that they do send out customized samples! If you haven't already, check out my last blog post about these samples, HERE . You definitely won't regret it!

Scentsy Car Candle

If you haven't already, I would strongly suggest signing up to get a free "car candle" from Scentsy. I received mine yesterday and although leather is not a scent I would choose normally, it smells amazing! Reminds me of being at the barn riding my horse and the leather saddles. YUM! CLICK HERE to request yours!! Be sure to check out Angela's blog as well!! If you have children but love candles, definitely make sure you look into the products they're fantastic & smell amazing!!

A Weeks Worth Of Freebies! (another late one)

This one is only two days late though so I guess thats ok!! :o)
This week I got some pretty great samples & coupons !!
business week magazine
nodoz sample from walmart
emergen-c samples
more mario badescu samples
free scentsy "car candle" (leather scented & I love it!)
coupon for nodoz
always pad, liner & wet wipe samples
coupon for FREE package of always infinity (18ct package)
tampax pearl and tampax pearl compact samples
prilosec otc sample
two coupons for free pace salsa (SO EXCITED!!)
$2 coupon tampax pearl or pearl compact

I hope everyone had a great freebie week!!!

A Weeks Worth Of Freebies! (late though)

I wanted to apologize for totally slacking for the past week or so with my blogging so I am doing two weeks of freebies right in a row!
Freebies shown:
business week magazine
american baby
oxy clean face wash
free chocolate coupon
revitalift samples
always pad sample
another coupon book with febreeze and swiffer coupons
bragg samples (yeast, soy alternative, seasoning packets)
lip color samples from the body shop
venom bite energy shot sample
gorilla glue sample
2oz strawberry body butter from the body shop (paid 5.95 for shipping so not totally free but worth it!)

I hope everyone is enjoying all their samples!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Organix Conditioner Review

So a few weeks ago, I purchased two different types of Organix conditioners (they were both cash back rebates so I scored them for free!!) View my post here to read the original blog about it. So I had tried the first conditioner (shea butter) and it was AWFUL with my hair. Even though I had read in some magazine that they were the biggest waste of money, I got it for free so I had to try another!

I went back and purchased the Organix Pomegranate Green Tea conditioner..again tried it as a normal conditioner and my hair was a mess after (were talking tangles worse than that of a 5 year old who gets gum in her hair and tries to get it out herself!!!) I could hardly BRUSH my hair after it was so bad!

Well tonight, I decided to replace my normal weekly ojon deep conditioning treatment with one of the Organix conditioners. I ran a hot bath, drenched my DRY hair with the Pomegranate Green Tea conditioner, and settled down to relax. After about 15 minutes, I rinsed it out, and shampooed as normal. This time I am IN LOVE with the conditioner. My hair feels softer, bouncier, and like much of the product residue had been washed away. I know I won't be using this daily but as a weekly deep conditioning treatment, it was totally worth getting for free!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far & I PROMISE to be more diligent about posting!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Freebie List!!

Ok so I know I have been really bad about posting freebies this week so I have compiled a bunch of freebies for everyone!!

FREE Shine To Go Shoe Polisher Sample
BioCare Labs Beauty Samples
Free Year Subscription of Metropolitan Home Magazine
Free Sample of DynaPep Energy
Free Oscar Winning Dvd!
Free ORIENT keychain
Free Flexitol Foot Balm (on the left hand side, under the image click receive free samples)
Free Velvet Milk Sample
Glue Dot Samples (great for scrapbooking!!)
Dunkin Donuts Coffee Sample


This is not my contest though! I have been following Jordys blog for a couple weeks now and she writes fantastic hauls and reviews.

Right now she is running a contest to win either a mac eyeshadow in jest or a pigment in clear sky blue. FANTASTIC prizes!!

You can enter as many times as you like to win!! I am a MAC fanatic so I am really hoping I win something!!!!

CLICK HERE to enter!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Free Venom Bite Cold Blast Energy Shot

This sample is available again! I received mine in the mail already and I loved it! CLICK HERE to get yours now!


Send a card from for free today!! Today is the last day of the free card promotion, simply choose a card from the HOPE collection, design it how you want it, and enter promo code SENDHOPE at checkout (no need to enter credit card information)

I sent one to my i love you card :o) just because lol

CLICK HERE to get yours before the promo ends!!

Two Infant Formula Samples

Parents Choice: Sign-up today and receive a immune support baby formula sample and Parent’s Choice Infant Formula news. CLICK HERE to receive yours

Members Mark: Sign up and receive a free sample of Milk, Gentle or Immune Support baby formula. CLICK HERE to get yours free!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Free MOMMY TO BE wristband

Subscribe to their free newsletter & you will receive a mommy to be alert wristband & other freebies!!


Free Beechnut Starter Kit

Please fill out this form to receive your FREE Starter Kit in the mail¹ and the monthly eNewsletter filled with helpful advice and money-saving coupons. CLICK HERE to get yours now! Please allow 3-5 weeks delivery.

Free Scented Book Mark From Claire Burke

Catalog Request
We would like to send you a FREE SCENTED BOOKMARK for joining our print mailing list. (Select one scent)

Applejack & Peel
Simply Jasmine
Mocha Silk
Citrus Blush
Sheer Vanilla

CLICK HERE to get yours!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Ola Loa will send you not only a free sample packet of their delicious ENERGY multi-vitamin, but also a packet of their thirst-quenching SPORT formula as well! CLICK HERE for yours!

Free Chewy Quaker Oats Granola Bar

Your choice of chocolate chip, smores, peanut butter chocolate chip, or a surprise! Each free sample contains Two Chewy Granola Bars. CLICK HERE

"We will mail you your two granola bars, along with a brief questionnaire. The questionnaire is optional and exists to help us understand what is important to you in a granola product! It can be completed by mail or online, we'll provide all the instructions with your free snack!"

Free Dove Hair Care Sample!

Your choice of heat defense therapy or intense damage therapy! CLICK HERE for yours!

Free Exederm Sample

I have never tried this company before, which is insane because I'm such a lotion fanatic but I am excited to try their lotion! CLICK HERE & enter your email to take you to the sample form

Nestle Abuelita

CLICK HERE to get yours! Granulado has the same rich chocolate flavor, aroma and frothiness as the original ABUELITA Tablet, but ready in minutes!

Narciso Rodriguez Perfume Sample

CLICK HERE to receive your free Narciso Rodriguez Essence perfume sample. This perfume is available exclusively at Saks 5th Avenue, and

Free Head & Shoulders Sample!

I just heard on tv that head & shoulders is offering a sample of their shampoo&conditioner! CLICK HERE to get yours now!!


I totally forgot to mention this in my last post, I RECEIVED MY NIELSEN SCANNER YESTERDAY!! I have already started scanning things and I can't wait to really see how my first week goes!! It's going to be somewhat time consuming but I think it will be worth it! I saw a bunch of great gifts in the catalog and I am super excited to be part of the panel! Is anyone else on the panel? I'd love to hear your experience!!

I have talked about the panel before, I have heard great things about being part of the panel and I have spoken with people who have been a part of it for years! If you haven't already, click here to apply to be on the team. I heard from Nielsen within about two weeks and I am now an active member!!


Hi everyone!!

I want to thank everyone for your continued support of my blogging!! I love watching how my blog is growing & ALWAYS love hearing your feedback!!

I also want to apologize for not posting so much in the past few days! Things have been quite hectic in my house! Friday morning my daughters new playpen (safety 1st disney princess play yard) I am not bad mouthing the company but really now?? I haven't even had the playpen for a month and it's broken?? Your companys name is SAFETY 1ST!! Not so safe to me.. As soon as I called they said they would send out a new play pen so I am pleased with that. Right after the playpen broke, I got news from my repairman that he couldn't fix my washing machine and it needed to be replaced. Soo, off we go to Sears to pick out a new washer dryer (I am super happy I now have energy star appliances!!) As we were leaving, the brakes went out in my moms Tahoe..we had to wait for my brother to come pick us up an hour from home, with my 15 month old daughter who was tired and restless and grumpy.

AFTER all that stupid stuff breaking, I have good news, I am now more energy efficient with my new washer and dryer which were delivered about 2 hours ago, my moms brakes were fixed yesterday, & like I said before, my daughter will be receiving a brand new play pen !

Today I am going to enjoy the beautiful day at home with my family catching up on laundry, searching for freebies, and relaxing!!

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC Labor Day & Weekend!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Earn 8 Huggies Points!

I hope you all know that Huggies is now putting codes on their refill wipe packs! Here are two codes from wipes that I purchased today:

sbzmb-rjqcg- ttfxh (4 points) I bought the wipes at walmart which it will ask where they're from
ccsxc- mshbb-blfxh (4 points)

If you haven't done so already, you can sign up HERE for the huggies enjoy the ride rewards program. Enter codes to earn points which are redeemable for chances to win prizes, donate the money, etc!

Good luck & I hope you all win something fantastic!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Free Huggies Little Movers Diaper Sample!

Your choice of size 3, 4, or 5! Nothing better than a free diaper!! lol! Enjoy! Better scoop this one up quick I'm sure they will run out of samples soon!!

CLICK HERE to get yours!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Hurry up and request this one because it will go FAST!! Right@home is a company I would definitely suggest signing up for their newsletter! They offer gift packs pretty often (I've signed up for 3 in about 2 weeks), coupons, and special offers. The first 10,000 to respond will receive a Scrubbing bubbles toilet gel starter kit for free!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to request yours now!! Do not hesitate because these gift packs go so fast!! Good luck & I hope you all get one!!

Free Sample Bear Naked Sample!

I love the bear naked products! They are offering a free sample of either one of FIVE food choices. I picked the cranberry raisin cereal!! YUM!!

GO HERE! to get yours!!

One of My Favorite Websites!

I'm not sure about anyone else, but I love shopping online! Not as much as shopping at the mall but I find that I save much more money when I shop online. Well a few months ago, I came across this website that I have grown to love almost as much as blogger!! (ALMOST!))..

I had been searching for promo codes for free shipping from MAC and I came across this FANTASTIC site. is a site dedicated is posting coupon and discount codes for all your online shopping needs. They have coupons over 150,000 coupon codes! You can find them for Victoriassecret, kohls, dominos, amazon, homedepot, etc!!

I have used this site SOOO many times and saved so much money that I thought I would share the site with you!!

Not many of my friends knew about the site so I hope you all enjoy it and can use it to save some money!!!