Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pace Hand Pick 2 Win Sweeps

So I have posted about the pace sweepstakes before, but I received my two free jar coupons yesterday in the mail! My husband almost threw them away, they were just two plain white pieces of thin cardboard, folded in half and sealed with a round clear tape sticker.
I won twice & received both coupons yesterday! I can't wait to go get my free salsa! I LOVE salsa especially on my eggs in the morning! Be careful when ripping them open, I was very excited and accidentally tore the first one I opened, of course right on the barcode!! If you haven't checked out the Pace sweepstakes, you can do so HERE (no code or purchase necessary, right above the picture of the salsa jars, theres a link that says "dont have a code" click that to get your code & play!!) GOOD LUCK!!

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