Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Nail Polish Swatches

The other day I stopped by Sally's to grab a couple more China Glaze Polishes, since the $1 off 2 polish sale was still going on. So I picked up two new CG's..I almost bought a couple Orly's and Finger Paints, but I am so insanely picky with my polish that it takes me a while to convince myself I need to try something new! lol So the colors I chose were Sexy Silhouette, and Love letters & I LOVEE both!! I couldn't get a good picture of Sexy Silhouette, it's a very gorgeous pink/fuchsia/magenta not as reddish as it looks in the picture :o)

Sexy Silhouette by China Glaze

Love Letters By China Glaze (very very sheer, so I put two coats of Essie Marshmellow under two coats of Love Letters)

I really love how Love Letters came out with the white base underneath.

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