Friday, February 5, 2016

January Side Income Report

Recently I have been getting back into making more money online.  I have always been interested in making money online, but I have been more motivated lately to do so.  I have since decided to start posting each money how much money I am making from my side hustles.  

Currently I am working 45 hours a week doing nails in the salon/spa I have worked in for four years now.  I work 6 days a week there.  Four long days and two shorter days. My goal is to make enough money online/on my phone each month so that I can actually drop one day out of my schedule.  

I have really just started to focus on earning more money outside of work so it will be really interesting to see how my income grows.

I have also gotten my girlfriend interested in earning money online/through her phone as well so each month we will post our combined incomes.

January Income:
$50 from Achievemint, this is an app I linked with my fitbit.  Once you earn 50,000 points they mail you a $50 gift card.
$5 from InstaGC , thi site is awesome, check out the post I wrote about it HERE)
$5 from Swagbucks Search and earn, or watch videos, use coupons, etc!  Tons of ways to earn on this site! 
$5 from an app called "slidejoy", this is one my gf used and we've gotten paid from them twice.  Only available for androids.
$5 from an app called "lucktastic", this is also one my gf uses on her phone, it's daily scratch tickets.  Also only available for android phones.
$5 from an app called "receipt hog", simply take a picture of your receipts and earn coins redeemable for paypal or amazon gift cards.  Use code "spek2590" for extra spins
$50 from my gf helping her sister sell things online
$3.03 from an app called "pact", this app challenges you to work out, eat more veggies, and log your food daily.  If you miss your challenge, then you have to pay.  If you hit your goals each week, you earn money from those who didn't and had to pay.
$25 from an app called offerup where you sell things you no longer want.  

This brings our total side income for January 2016 to $153.03 or $38.25/week.  It's not much but for starting only halfway through the month I would say it's not bad!  

Each month I will be updating what we make that month so stay tuned!