Monday, November 3, 2014

Christmas Shopping...Wait..What?

It's that time again!  I have started Christmas shopping this past weekend and i hope to be done by the first week of December.  I don't know about you but I would much rather shop at once but pay in payments so I have complied a list of stores that are offering layaway this holiday season.

K-mart : Most of the kmart stores near me have closed down, and the only one that I know of is in not the greatest of areas and typically doesn't have anything I need.  You can do online and in store layaway here though which is great!

CLICK HERE to start your layaway at kmart 

Sears :  Sears has purchased kmart and is also offering online and in store layway.  This is great if you have men in your life who want power tools!  They also have a ton of Disney Frozen themed merchandise for those of you who have mini people who are obsessed with Elsa & Anna like my mini person is.

CLICK HERE for Sears online layaway 

Walmart : This is another store offering in store and online layaway!  I don't know about you but online layaway sounds AMAZING to me.  There are always rules so make sure you check the specifics about each store you try!

CLICK HERE for Walmart online layaway

Burlington Coat Factory : They don't offer online layaway but they do have in store layaway.  I have personally used their layaway and they have a ton of stuff always to choose from!

Marshalls :  Not every Marshalls location has layaway, you will have to use their site to check the locations near you that offer it.  I used their layaway last year and it was great.  On the store locator list the stores that offer layaway will be indicated with a hanger next to the location.

CLICK HERE to find the location near you 

Toy R US : Is also offering in store and online layaway which is probably the one that I am most excited about this holiday season!  They literally have everything that your kids could want and it's so much better to shop online rather than fight the crowds this time of the year!

CLICK HERE for Toys R Us layaway