Monday, August 31, 2009

Free Sample Of Bruise Relief Gel!

I can't wait to get this for my grandmother. She is 91 years old and falls quite often, of course she bruises and then complains about the bruises for weeks on end! If this product is as good as it claims, I will DEFINITELY purchase it in the future! CLICK HERE to get yours now!

Betty Crocker Potatoes Sample!!

No newsletters to sign up for and YOUR choice of roasted garlic mashed potatoes, or potatoes au gratin!! Nothing better then free potatoes in your mailbox!! lol CLICK HERE to request yours now!

Free Dream Girls T-Shirt

CLICK HERE to sign up for your free dreamgirls tshirt. I am not sure what it looks like, but make sure you check the box to receive your shirt. I know I for one can never have enough workout or cleaning shirts. I have ruining my good shirts when I accidentally spill bleach on them lol

ANOTHER Free Kashi Cereal Sample

Your choice of three different kinds, heart to heart, go lean crunch, or honey sunshine. Fill out the form and your sample will be on its way in just 4-6 weeks (they say that, but its usually wayyyyy faster!!!) Signing up for their site is optional!

CLICK HERE to get yours now!!

Free Scentsy Car Candle!!

If you are familiar with Scentsy, you will love this. If you are not familiar with them, you will be so happy you found out about this amazing wickless candle company that you will definitely order from them in the future!! I am candle obsessed and through my searching, came across Scentsy. All of the candles are wickless which is great when you have kids and husbands and pets and company often!! They smell fantastic (the cranberry mango scent is my absolute favorite!!) and they last a long time!

Angela is offering a free car candle (hanging air freshener for your car) to everyone who fills out her form, she will also send information on the company.

To receive your FREE car candle, click HERE! On the LEFT hand side, look for the square banner that says "FREE CAR CANDLE" Fill out the form and you'll be receiving your free car candle soon! I am not sure what scent Angela is sending, but I'm sure it will be FANTASTIC!!

Also, you can enter her contest to win a DIY candle warmer kit! Simply browse the fall/winter catalog (left hand side bar), pick your favorite kit, and then leave a comment on her page about which one you would want! Easy as that! CLICK HERE to read her blog about the contest!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Weeks Worth Of Freebies!

Not so many samples this week BUT a couple bigger things!!
1. kotex pad samples & liner sample
2. juicy juice water bottle
2. scope sample pack (mouthwash, dental pick, and toothpaste sample
3. head and shoulders shampoo & conditioner sample
4. aveeno shampoo & conditioner sample
5. trojan her pleasure condom
6. metamucil fiber sample
7. amari sex cream sample. not sure exactly what it is lol
8. free tank top from jcpenney!! i wouldnt wear it out of the house, buttt it will be a great workout shirt or bed shirt :o)

I think Sunday is now my favorite day because I can show you all what I have gotten over the week!! I never liked Sundays before (because there is no mail and it's when my husband goes back to work!!) but now I am excited for Sundays!

Free Sample Pack From Poise

CLICK HERE to get yours now!

Free Pet Sample Pack

Do you have dogs?? Maybe a cat? or two..or 10? CLICK HERE to get a free pet sample pack from Dinovite.

Free Drinkin' Mate Hangover Tab Sample

CLICK HERE to get your free sample of Drinkin' Mate. Read on if you haven't heard of Drinkin' mate before!!

What is Drinkin' Mate™?

  • Drinkin' Mate™ is an effervescent tablet with all natural Wild Guava Leaf extract that reduces or eliminates the negative effects of alcohol.
  • Drinkin' Mate™ tablets defend against aches, fatigue, queasy stomach, and dehydration associated with alcohol consumption.

How does Drinkin' Mate™ work?

  • While many products claim to be a cure for hangovers, Drinkin' Mate™ works by converting excess alcohol into by-products that your body easily processes to reduce the negative effects of alcohol.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Sample

Another new sample from! Fancy feast appetizers sample!

Click here to get this fantastic sample for your cat!! I am not sure what flavor it will be but I'm sure it will be a good one!

Free Schick Slim Triple Razor Sample

only 3,000 samples from all you magazine so REALLY hurry for this one!!

CLICK HERE to get this sample!! Expect your razor within 4 weeks!

Free Eos Sweet Mint Lip Balm Sample

I have wanted to try these lip balms for a while and I am so excited that they are offering a free sample of their sweet mint balm! The balms will be sold at Ulta, Safeway, & Walgreens.

CLICK HERE to claim yours! Only the first 50,000 people will receive one and they will be going fast I'm sure!!

ALSO: all eos lip balms are bogo (buy one get one 50% off) at!! and at 3.99 the price can't be beat!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Free beef & cheddar sandwich w/drink

Wednesday August 26 (tomorrow!!) head to Arby's to get a FREE beef & cheddar sandwich with a drink!! I went a few weeks ago (unfortunately the closest one to me is about an hour away!) and a small drink was only 1.49. This is a no coupon necessary promotion, but I would call and make sure that your local Arby's is participating before you go!!

Have fun and enjoy the free food!!

Swag Bucks

A few weeks ago, I came across a website where you just search the internet and win points to redeem for all sorts of prizes including iphones, ipods, clothes, gift cards, music, etc! I set the site as my home page so when I need to search for something, I automatically use the site. People win all time! So check out the site when you need to look something up!! Good luck & have fun!!!

Search & Win

Monday, August 24, 2009

Free Denta Burst Sample

This new product is sold at CVS, Target or Rite Aide. Expect your sample within 6-8 weeks! Just brush & go!

Free Snack Tin From California Almonds

Free snack tin from california almonds just fill out their short survey and the first 50,000 to respond will receive a tin in the mail (no almonds in it, but a great way to keep your snacks right in hand)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Weeks Worth Of Freebies!

I have seen a few other bloggers do weekly freebies pictures and I have decided to do one as well! Every Sunday night I am going to take a picture of all the freebies/coupons/samples I have received over the past week.

1. 6 pack 20oz coke FREE AT SHAWS with purchase of 4 12 packs of coke
2. Reeses Puffs for FREE AT SHAWS with purchase of maxwell house coffee
3. free chocolate coupon from mars candies
4. boudreauxs's butt paste, butt bath, and baby bath samples (from my pediatrician)
5. another Organix conditioner (pomegranate green tea) for free with cash back rebate
5. playtex gentle glide tampon sample (
6. playtex sport tampon sample (
7. Glidden quart of paint in pink carnation (
8. bodycology lotion sample in rasperries & cream (
9. viva papertowel sample (
10. refresh your home coupon book (over $35 of coupons for febreeze, dawn, swiffer, etc!)
11. code for the honeynut cheerios cash giveaway

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Astro Glide Natural Sample

CLICK HERE to get this freebie!! allow 4-6 weeks for delivery!

More Free Samples!

My diva daughter has decided to take a nap so here I am once again updating my blog on freebies!!

Somersault Snack Sample
Always Infinity Sample
Sample Pack (st ives, clorox, welches, etc!)
No Farms No Food Bumper Sticker
Healthy To Go Drink Mix Samples
Escada Perfume Samples
Matrix Hair Spray Samples
Roots Of Nature Hair Care Samples
Dove Hair Care Samples
Pantene Pro-v Nature Fusion Sample
Free Water Bottle From JuicyJuice
Free Stuff From Durex

Some Morning Freebies!

Hi all!

Hope everyone is feeling great as we get closer to the weekend! I have yet another "day off" from work at my moms, however I would not consider chasing a toddler, two beagles, and two yorkie puppies a day off. Lately my darling toddler daughter has become somewhat of a diva and is testing my limits more and more. I am excited to say that I will start having more help from my husband as he has decided to go back to school and change careers so he will be around more often!! YAY! Anyway, here are the freebies & offers I have found today!!

Nielsen Homescan - Nielsen is accepting applications again to be part of their homescan panel! If accepted, Nielsen will send you a handheld scanner with which you will scan the barcodes of all of your weekly purchases and transmit them once a week to the company. You will earn points as you go to redeem for great items, electronics, jewelry, etc! I filled out the application about two weeks ago and within a week I heard back from them about being accepted into the program! Hopefully they have some openings in your area!!

Purex Insiders - Purex is also accepting applications to their insiders program. As a member of the program, you will be sent products to test and review for the company before they are out on the market. I'm not sure how long they will be accepting applications or how many people they are accepting but I would apply asap!! A few people I know were able to test the 3-in-1 laundry sheets for free before they came out!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Free Burnless Bakeware Pan!! (pay only $1 s&h)

This offer has been around for a while but they just added 3 NEW PINK pans (before it was only the pink loaf pan which is what I ordered!!)

When you pick your pan, you will also get a 7 day membership to privacy matters 1-2-3 who will send you a $25 walmart gift card!!

So you get a pan (of your choice) for only $1 shipping & handling, AND a $25 gift card to walmart AND a 7 day trial to privacy matters!! Sounds like a no-brainer to me!!

Click Here To Get Your Free Pan!

Free Mystery Gift From Sugar Shoes!!

Super easy!! I am not sure what the gift is yet, but I have heard from a few people it might be a travel gloss set!!

All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter. To do so, CLICK HERE!! Just sign up for the newsletter, they will then ask you for your address and some other information and that's it!!

Can't wait to see what we all get!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Free Full Size Bottle Of Organix Hair Product

Last night as I was browsing shampoo & conditioners at my local Wal-Mart, I came across the clearance section (it was all the way on the top shelf).

(sorry for the horrible was taken at about 12:30 last night)

This bottle of Organix Shea Butter Conditioner was $6.24 with a cash back rebate (up to $6.99 back). All you need to do is fill out the form on the bottle, send in your receipt with the price circled and within 10 weeks you will receive a check in the mail!

You can use the rebate form for any organix shampoo, conditioner, or styling product so if you don't want the shea butter conditioner, grab something else with the rebate form!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I just came across this offer for a free fruit juicer!! YUMMM!!

CLICK HERE to get your juicer!! If asked for a code, enter JUICER. I wasn't asked for a code but I have been told a few friends have been asked.

**allow 8-10 weeks for delivery. most of my friends have gotten theirs within 2 weeks! Yumm!!

Free All Natural Skin Care Samples!!

I came across this freebie a few weeks ago and I am beyond happy with it!! Mario Badescu is a company I had heard about a few times and when I found out they had free samples I was super excited!

The best part about the samples they send is that they are customized to your specific skin care needs! You just fill out a short questionnaire about your skin, and they will send you recommended products! I hope EVERYONE takes advantage of this freebie offer! And please read ALL of my steps to get this one!

To get your samples, CLICK HERE! & Follow these steps!
1. If the above link does not work, go to
2. click on the green tab that says "Consulting"
3. Fill out the questionnaire completely & honestly for your skin types
When the questionnaire is done, you will be shown a list of products that are recommended for your particular skin care concerns. You do NOT need to order anything!!! In fact I suggest not ordering anything at this time since MOST of the recommended products will be sent to you & you can purchase later.

THIS is all you need to do on the site. IN 2-3 DAYS you will receive an EMAIL from mario badescu asking you if you would like them to send you samples of your recommended products. Follow the instructions in the email & you are set!!

I received my samples in about a week!! So they were super quick!!

Here is a picture of the samples they sent me:

I received the following:
Healing & soothing mask (biggest container (please dont mind the dog bite marks, my yorkies found the jar and decided to play!! lol)
Hyaluronic Eye Cream (next to the healing and soothing mark)
Oil Free Moisturizer With SPF 17 (above the eye cream)
Drying Cream (above the mask & my FAVORITE product!!)
Botanical Facial Gel (bottle in back on the right (ive used it a few times!!))
Special Cleansing Lotion "c" (bottle next to the botanical facial gel)


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pace Sweepstakes!

UPDATE: I have now won 2 jars of pace!! You can play daily and win up to 5 jars!! I'm determined to win another 3 jars!!

I am super excited about this giveaway because I LOVE salsa! I put it on my eggs in the morning rather than ketchup for a lower calorie topping. (I love cheese in my eggs so I skip the cheese and everything else and substitute salsa).

This sweepstakes has a ton of winners (me being one!!) and EACH person can win UP TO 5 times!! Pace will send you a coupon for a free Pace product. 129,000 coupons for free Pace product will be mailed to you. Click Here To Play! Once on the page, register for free, and at the bottom, click "dont have a code?" if you do not have a code a "cap" will pop up with a code for you to copy & paste. If you do have a code, enter it into the box. You will then be taken to another screen where you will either win a jar of Pace, or get a recipe. Good luck!!

I have played twice now and my second game was a winning one!! YAY!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Samples!!!

If any of you know me in real life or have spoken to me online at all, I am sure you know that fashion & beauty are MAJOR parts of my life. You may also know by reading my blog that I love anything free!!

So a few weeks ago, I got an email from Ulta promoting a bag of free samples with some purchase (the requirement is escaping me right now, but I believe it was with the purchase of $25 or more)

Well let me tell you, these were NOT cheapo samples. I couldn't believe the amount of product samples I received!
Samples Included:
tigi shampoo and conditioner
jacqua hand cream packets (raspberry creme frosting, pina colada)
benefit do it daily
murad acne cleanser
sea results line mender & a mattefying gel (forgot the name)
bare minerals mineral veil & tiny buki brush
perricone md moisturizer
DDF daily moisturizer
some brown sugar scrub (again the name escapes me right now)

ALSO for free, I received the hot pink clutch (also pictured) with the purchase of two Ulta bath products or Ulta Smoothies. (I may be mixing the promos up with the gifts). Well the Ulta Smoothies were on sale 2 for $20 (regular price $14.00/each). So I saved $8 total on the smoothies (I picked banana bliss, and chocolate milkshake. Yum!!). Once again most Ulta cosmetics were buy one get one free, so I purchased a concealer stick, and got a blush (in girlie!, also pictured) for free! ANDDD on top of all that, Essie nail polish was on sale and I paid only $4.50 for a new polish (in steel-ing the scene!).

I spent $53.76 and qualified for free ground shipping (by spending $50). Soo all together I got a $40 sample bag, $30 clutch, $2.99 blush (the price according to the site but I believe it was more when I purchased it), free shipping, $8 off the smoothies, and $3 off one of my favorite nail polish brands saving me an IMPRESSIVE total of about $85!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Free Gift Cards!

I have come across an offer that I am REALLY excited to share with you! For just $2.95, you will get TWO gift cards valued at $50 total, and a free 6 issue subscription of Celebrity Gossip magazine!

Nicoles Savings Advantage gives you a month trial to their site for only $2.95! In return, you will receive a $25 target gift card AND a $25 starbucks gift card, IN ADDITION to a 6 issue subscription to Celebrity Gossip magazine. After the monthly trial, you will be billed $9.95 until you cancel your membership. There is zero obligation, just cancel before your first trial month is up and you will still receive your gift cards!

I know a LOT of people who have used this site, and have all received their gift cards. Some have had their cards take a little longer, but each and every single person has gotten them!

I just signed up, so I will update the blog as I go along figuring this out so keep checking back for more!!