Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Weeks Worth Of Freebies!

Not so many samples this week BUT a couple bigger things!!
1. kotex pad samples & liner sample
2. juicy juice water bottle
2. scope sample pack (mouthwash, dental pick, and toothpaste sample
3. head and shoulders shampoo & conditioner sample
4. aveeno shampoo & conditioner sample
5. trojan her pleasure condom
6. metamucil fiber sample
7. amari sex cream sample. not sure exactly what it is lol
8. free tank top from jcpenney!! i wouldnt wear it out of the house, buttt it will be a great workout shirt or bed shirt :o)

I think Sunday is now my favorite day because I can show you all what I have gotten over the week!! I never liked Sundays before (because there is no mail and it's when my husband goes back to work!!) but now I am excited for Sundays!

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