Friday, February 26, 2010

Own a business? Want to promote your blog? Freelance makeup artist?

If any of the above apply to you..(among thousands of other things) and you want free business cards, stamps, pens, car magnets and more then you came to the right place!

This is one of my FAVORITE sites to use for free stuff and I order from them ALL the time!!

Vista Print

Click on the banner to see all the free stuff you can get!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Free Baby Products & Samples!

Since quite a few of my friends are currently pregnant, I wanted to do a special CONGRATULATIONS post for all of them and help them out by telling them where to find amazing baby free samples/products/coupons! So this post is to all my pregnant friends (and all of you fellow bloggers or soon to be grandparents/etc!)

1. Babycenter
I used this site RELIGIOUSLY when I was pregnant with my daughter, you enter your due date, and each week/month you get an email telling you what is going on with your pregnancy and what is normal, etc! I loved reading the email every week! (Click the banner to check it out!)

2. - Free baby stuff
This is such a great site, they give you a gerber grow up plan free for 3 months, and help you start your own homebased business if you are interested plus TONS of free formula, diaper bags, etc!!

3. freeflys
This is probably my favorite site so far, they send you TONS of freebies and they send them all the time!

4. Pampers
A great site to use because its pampers. duhhhh!

5. Free Baby Stuff from Planning Family
Look at that baby! I have gotten tons of coupons and samples and freebies from this site!

6. Vista Print
These are such an adorable idea, even if you don't have a baby but know someone who does to give as a gift! I have ordered them in the past and they are fantastic for playdates, mommy networking, teachers, coaches, etc!

To help you earn some extra cash/gift cards check these ones out!

1. Inbox Dollars
Obviously I love this site, I have a banner on my blog at ALL times! You simply click on emails and earn cash for it!

2. MyPoints
Again, another site I personally use and LOVE you earn points for all sorts of different things which can be redeemed for gift cards!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free Sample Mystical Monkey All Purpose Cleaner!

CLICK HERE & fill out the form to get your free sample of Mystical Monkey All Purpose Cleaner!

Free Sample of Teeccino!

I have never even heard of this before but after asking around, lots of people love it!

to get a free sample! On the right side of the page, scroll down to the newsletter subscription and enter your email to get your sample!

Free Kindle Novel!

I love love love having kindle for iphone on my phone so i can download all of these awesome books! CLICK HERE to get your free kindle novel, it won't be free long, and its a $9.99 value!

You don't need a kindle to get these books free! See my original post HERE for more details !

Free South Beach Diet Living S'mores Bar

CLICK HERE to get your free sample of South Beach Living S'mores fiber fit bars! Yum!

Two Great Sears Photo Offers!

How awesome, CLICK HERE to get a Free character collage of your child, AND ALSO get a free 10X13 classic wall portrait!

No sitting fee, the character collage is a $44.98 value and the wall portrait is a $34.98 value!

Free 8X10 Photo From Walgreens!

Print out your coupon for a free 8X10 photo valid THURSDAY FEB 25 ONLY!

CLICK HERE to get your coupon!

Free Sample Olay Total Effects!

Get your free sample of Olay Total Effects Body Wash by CLICKING HERE and filling out the form.

Free Sample of Tide Febreze

CLICK HERE to get a free sample of Tide Febreze Freshness laundry detergent (my fave!!)

Free Scotch Furfighter at Target!

It has been reported that Target has the new Scotch Fur Fighters for only $3.99 making them FREE after THIS COUPON!

I have wanted to try these so I can't wait to go get mine!

Today Only: IHOP Free Pancake Day!

Today only (Feb 23, 2010) head to your local IHOP location and receive a free shortstack (three) of their famous buttermilk pancakes. All they ask is that you consider making a donation to support local children's hospitals through Children's Miracle Network, or other local charities.

This is going on right now, from 7AM-10PM! CLICK HERE to get more information!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Since I have a lot of freebies to share, be on the lookout because there are some good ones!! Oh and it's also my 22nd birthday today!

Victorias Secret Pink Nation Members will receive a free fragrance deluxe sampler valid 2/17-3/8 when they log in HERE and click for their free printable coupon!!

If you aren't already a member you will also receive a $10 off any $35 purchase coupon!! Hurry though they were already at 895,460 members who had printed their coupon and its for the first million!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free Photo Booth Photo Strips!

What an adorable freebie!!! Ok so a while back (beginning of Feb) I was reading another bloggers page about a freebie from Wink which is a shutterfly company which specializes in photo strips, you know the ones that you sit in the booth and take the cute pictures? LOVE THEM!

In her post (read here), she mentioned she hadn't received hers yet but had ordered it and I was like, well I guess I will just wait and see when she gets hers how it comes out. I'm not sure why I was hesitant since it was a shutterfly freebie but whatever.

Well hers came and it was absolutely adorable! I had been meaning to make mine but had totally forgotten until she had sent me a message on facebook (FAN ME HERE!) reminding me to make one. So I finally made mine, and what I loved about it was that it was TOTALLY free ($2.50 value) and you could pick up to 5 photos. You can also link it up with your facebook to add pictures from facebook which makes it insanely easy to make!

So THANK YOU TIFFANY for reminding me about this adorable freebie!

Crest White Strips 3D Sample

This sample is going to go FAST!

CLICK HERE to get your free Crest White Strips 3D Sample!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Free Full Size Sample Of Pantene Nature Fusion!

CLICK HERE to sign to request your free full size sample of Pantene nature fusion shampoo!

I have been wanting to try this for a while so I can't wait to receive it! Your sample will arrive in 4-6 weeks! This isn't going to last long so hurry on over to VocalPoint to get yours!!

Thanks goes to Freebies4mom for posting this!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines/Birthday Presents!

Happy Valentines day everyone! I know it's kinda late (it's already 9:45 here) buttttt I still had to wish you all a happy day!

Anyway, I finally got to have my presents that {I picked out} Michael bought me! I said I would post some pictures, so here you go!

I am rather OBSESSED with this bag! It is even more gorgeous in person! I will admit it is smaller than I expected, but it's so gorgeous I don't even want to use it so it doesn't get dirty! lol

I'm not sure why this picture is so washed out looking but isnt the bottle pretty? I love it & the perfume smells AMAZING!!! I have wanted it for about 6 months now but just finally got around to buying it, and it was the perfect time!

I adore the necklace, when I first took it out of the box and put it on I didn't like the chain because it was relatively long and I did not expect it to be the length it was. I'm pretty sure the chain length with the shirt I had on just didn't work, because I wore the necklace again today and it looked great so I'm now in love with it and I won't be purchasing another chain.

These are the samples I received from Ulta, not much to say about them, but I'm excited to try the perfume!

So I hope everyone had a great day!! I am off to go exercise a bit since I can breathe again and I haven't exercised in over a week!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Free Sample Fekkai Hair Care!!

Another great sample from

to get your free sample of Fekkai Hair Care. Walmart samples usually come REALLY quickly!! Can't wait to try it out!!

Another Free RedBox Code!

Enter code 2DGTAL22 at your local RedBox location for another free movie rental!

Free Sample TastyBaby Organic Fruit Snacks!

CLICK HERE to become a fan of TastyBaby on Facebook & then check their status for information on how to get a sample & a buy 1 get 1 free coupon!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Free Love Letter Kit!

CLICK HERE to get your free love letter kit! Each kit comes with everything you need to write two love letters. They are restocked every day at 1oam CT. Only 400 given out a day for the week of Feb 7-11.

Hurry only about 220 left when I posted this!!

Free CitraClear Dishwasher Softener Sample

CLICK HERE to get a free sample of CitraClear Dishwasher Softener. Where we live, hard water is a problem (thanks well water!) so I can't wait to try this!

Another Free 8X10 Photo Collage From Walgreens!

Wooo!! This is the third time that I have been able to post this on my blog!!

This promo is available today & tomorrow! Usually they only offer it for one day!

CLICK HERE to get yours now! Only one per account (My husband and I both have accounts, so we get two).

Once you are signed in/registered, click on the top tab "gifts" then "photo collages", after that choose "collage prints" and then 8X10 and go from there!

USE CODE VDAY and choose in store payment and your total will be $0.00. You can pick up anytime, but you have to order by the end of the day Friday (2/12/2010)

Free Excedrin Product Coupon!

CLICK HERE to answer a one question survey and receive a coupon for a free Excedrin product


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Free Kindle Novel!

I just downloaded the kindle for iPhone app to my phone so I am really excited to share this with you!

Hide In Plain Sight is a totally free kindle novel written by Marta Perry. You don't even need a kindle to read this! Just download the kindle version for the device you have and you can read this free!

Kindle for iPhone or iTouch
Kindle for Blackberry (Coming Soon!)
Kindle for PC
Kindle for MAC (Coming soon!)

Thank you to Heather from Freebies4mom for sharing this!

Updated Sweepstakes List!

I haven't done an updated sweepstakes list since last year so I thought I would post one now, and offer some tips!

Before I post any sweepstakes/instant win games, I would like to say to try and play the sweepstakes when most other people aren't online. I have won most of my prizes around 3am, but I have read that the hours between 1am-4am are the best times to get online and play.

So here is my most current list of sweepstakes (the ones towards the top of the list have the most winners per day.)

1. Victoria's Secret Wild Card Game 1900+ prizes, read more details HERE

2. Docker's Wear The Pants 2990 pairs of dockers given away, more details HERE

3. Cheerios, Begin With Your Heart coupons for everyone, 53,600 free boxes of cheerios, more details HERE

4. Dove Spin For Your Skin 2000 beauty bar prizes, more details HERE

5. Pace Hand Pick & Win 129,000 jars will be given away, more details HERE

6. My Coke Twist Txt Get This game begins Feb 16th, 2010. Last year I won $25 cash cards three times! $75 total! Thanks Coke!! More details HERE

7. Honey Nut Cheerios Sweet Rewards Lots of $5 cash prizes, I won 4 times last year! Play 10X daily! More details HERE

Remember to play the sweeps daily to have the best chance at winning!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Burt's Bees Toothpaste Sample!

I love BB products!!! Right now they are offering a free sample of their new toothpaste!

to request your sample now!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Totally Free Kitty Litter!

For a limited time Worlds Best is offering a FULL rebate on their kitty litter.

CLICK HERE to get your rebate form!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Free Bag of Tortilla Chips!

Print out this flyer, and bring it to your local On the border restaurant for a bag of their fresh tortilla chips on February 7th! Great to add to your Super bowl party menu!

CLICK HERE to print your flyer!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ugh I am sick!... {& a small haul}

..Which is awful. I hate being sick, not that anyone loves or even likes being sick but you get what I mean.

One good thing about today is that I ordered my Valentines/Birthday gift from Michael today. I know I take the surprise out of gift giving for him but the way I see it is that I make gift giving easy for him!

Since my birthday & valentines day are only 4 days apart, I don't mind not getting huge presents for both. Sooo here is what I ordered from Ulta :

Ulta is having a valentines day special right now, most of the perfumes have a "free gift with purchase" and I happen to love the Ed Hardy for women perfume, so when I saw in the catalog that you get a free Ed Hardy overnight bag, I knew I had to get it. I don't have an overnight bag so that worked out well too. The bag was free with $75 purchase, and the 3.4 oz bottle is $75 so I qualified for the free gift.

It's it gorgeous? I love the pinky/lilac color and flowers. Most of my other EH bags are black/dark colors! This one reminds me of an Easter egg almost with the gorgeous pastels. Oh boy I love this bag!

Aaaanddddd Ulta is also giving away Valentines day necklaces with any $30 purchase, ($30 value), so because I bought the EH perfume, I qualified for this necklace too. They had 3 different ones to choose from, a pink ribbon/pearl one (I have one just like it), a pink lacquered locket (looks slightly on the childish side) and then the heart key. I picked the key since I have been lusting a Tiffany & co. key necklace for a while but the one I want is over $1500 sooo I will settle for this one! I just love the look of the necklace though, it's so simple and elegant looking.

Sooo, I bought the perfume I wanted, get an overnight bag, and a pretty Tiffany-like necklace, I'm a happy girl!!! I can't wait to take actual pictures of them when they come! OH and I got free shipping too! lol

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Quick Note:

My birthday is this month, (the 18th actually, and I turn 22 for anyone who may ask). And though it's only the second day of the month, I have already received 5 different emails from companies who offer rewards the month of your birthday.

If you sign up for any sort of rewards program, be SURE to enter your birthday and you never know what sort of birthday surprises you could receive!

A personal post! Resolutions

I have been asked by a few people to write more blog posts about my life, in addition to posting about great deals and freebies. So I thought I would take some time to write about a few of my New Years Resolutions. I know that it is already February, but I seem to add new resolutions all the time. I finally have a sound list of the goals I hope to reach this year and I have been working hard at them.

I had a few different goals last year, and as the new year came, I realized I wasn't being realistic with myself. I have reviewed my goals and set much more realistic ones. So here are just a few of my goals.

1. Better every area of my life. This is a pretty vague resolution, but what I have in mind is exercising more, eating better, taking vitamins, taking care of my skin, etc. I also want to get my family healthier. My husband has an amazing metabolism so he could eat 4 big macs and not even gain half a pound. I want my family to be healthy & active together. We will spend more time together, eat better, and be more active. Our bonds will grow and we will enjoy our time together.

2. Pay off my car payment. I have decided to use all of my blog/facebook/other online earnings to pay off my cay payment. We took our a 4 year loan so that we wouldn't be cash strapped but could still have my amazing jeep. While we didn't get the best deal on the car, we were stuck with trying to get a vehicle and relatively fast as I had a 5 month old baby, and my husband worked an hour away and his SUV died. I could not be left at home, with an infant, and no vehicle. Fortunately we were smart enough to take a loan that would not penalize us for paying the loan off ahead of time. If we manage to pay it off this year, we will be two years early on our loan. I hope to pay it off very soon so we can have one less payment and can buy a house!

3. Pay off all outstanding debts. Any sort of bills, bank accounts, anything that has been tossed to the back burner is going to be paid off this year. My husband and I are ready to buy a house but have decided not to make any moves until our other debts are paid off so we can focus on JUST have a home loan.

4. Save as much money as possible by using coupons & freebies. Obviously I am pretty good at this already, but there is so much more that I can learn about saving that I don't know. I plan to shop around the sale items, use as many coupons as possible, and pay as little out of pocket for groceries, cleaning products, and toiletries. My stockpile is pretty decent, but I will be continuously adding more.

5. Sell on ebay more. I love let me reiterate, LOVE LOVE LOVE selling things on ebay. I think the hunt for the item is what I love most, or seeing the item sell, but I love going to thrift stores/consignment shops/flea markets/yard sales, etc, finding something very cheap, and selling it for a profit.

I will probably post more of my resolutions in another post. I plan on blogging more often about my life rather than just free stuff.

I find blogging is a great way to vent my frustrations, I don't even care if anyone reads it, but rather than getting worked up and taking it out on my husband, I am able to sit down and write out what is bothering me.

Anyway, I wanted to thank each & every one of you for reading & following my blog & facebook!

So, thank you!


Work From Home? Own Your Own Business? Get Free Business Products!

My husband just bought business cards from this site & I wish I had known this earlier! By clicking on this banner you can get the following free: 250 business cards, coffee mug, pen, rubber stamp, return address labels, and more!

Just pay shipping & handling for the item and it's yours free! Shipping is pretty cheap to!! I am about to order business cards for my blog to pass out!

Vista Print

100 Mommy Cards for $1.99!

This is such a great deal! I have ordered these many times! (of course now there's a deal because I always pay more! lol)

Mommy cards are just like business cards except they're for mommies, pass them out to teachers, play group mothers, coaches, babysitters, ect. Plus if you're a blogging mommy or have your own business, you have your own business, they are great to give out at playdates to get more business!!

Vista Print