Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Free Baby Products & Samples!

Since quite a few of my friends are currently pregnant, I wanted to do a special CONGRATULATIONS post for all of them and help them out by telling them where to find amazing baby free samples/products/coupons! So this post is to all my pregnant friends (and all of you fellow bloggers or soon to be grandparents/etc!)

1. Babycenter
I used this site RELIGIOUSLY when I was pregnant with my daughter, you enter your due date, and each week/month you get an email telling you what is going on with your pregnancy and what is normal, etc! I loved reading the email every week! (Click the banner to check it out!)

2. - Free baby stuff
This is such a great site, they give you a gerber grow up plan free for 3 months, and help you start your own homebased business if you are interested plus TONS of free formula, diaper bags, etc!!

3. freeflys
This is probably my favorite site so far, they send you TONS of freebies and they send them all the time!

4. Pampers
A great site to use because its pampers. duhhhh!

5. Free Baby Stuff from Planning Family
Look at that baby! I have gotten tons of coupons and samples and freebies from this site!

6. Vista Print
These are such an adorable idea, even if you don't have a baby but know someone who does to give as a gift! I have ordered them in the past and they are fantastic for playdates, mommy networking, teachers, coaches, etc!

To help you earn some extra cash/gift cards check these ones out!

1. Inbox Dollars
Obviously I love this site, I have a banner on my blog at ALL times! You simply click on emails and earn cash for it!

2. MyPoints
Again, another site I personally use and LOVE you earn points for all sorts of different things which can be redeemed for gift cards!

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