Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh How I've Missed Blogging! (Divorce, Jobs, etc!)

My dearest friends in the blog world, I am soo sorry I haven't blogged in months!! Unfortunately my world has been turned upside down in the past few months and I am just starting to get my life back together.

Long story short, my husband and I have decided that we do not work as a couple. We fought constantly and it just wasn't a happy healthy relationship anymore. We talked about going to counseling but my husband wasn't up for it and eventually I just gave up after getting nothing back from him. I asked him to stay at his parents house for a few days so we could have a break, and that lead to him moving back in with his parents.

We are both much happier now and are working through the divorce, however some other unfortunate events have occurred making things much harder to work through this as a team.

I have also obviously had to start working. I have full custody of our precious princess so I could no longer swing things as a work from home mom. My family has been amazing to me through this whole ordeal and my brother actually hired me to work with him which has been a blessing.

My life is much less stressful and I am getting everything back together. I plan to go back to school for web/graphic design as soon as I can.

I promise that I will be back on here blogging as much as I can and sharing the freebies that I find and hopefully I will be able to just as much as before!

Thank you all for sticking by me and thank you to those who are my friend on facebook who have expressed your concern for me! I appreciate you all & all of your support!