Thursday, December 31, 2009



Ok this is seriously awesome! Bed Head is offering one of their lip palettes for FREE! I missed out on their last giveaway so I am SUPER excited to get it this time! This palette retails at $25!!

The site is running SERIOUSLY slow, but please be patient, TIGI products are totally worth it!

CLICK HERE to get your Girls Just Want It Lip Gloss Palette totally free!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's that time again!! FREEBIE POST!!

Lots and lots of great freebies for all of you!!

Three free books here
Free Canker Melts
Free Pocket Pack Of Sweetleaf
Free PowerBar Gel Blast Sample
Free Pregnancy Journal for Expectant Mothers
Natural Nibbles Dog Food Samples
Lift Off Energy Drink Sample
Free YoPlus Yogurt Sample (VOID in the following statesCA, ID, LA, MN, NJ, NV, ND and TN)
Nicoderm CQ Patch Sample
Free Sample of Vaska Laundry Detergent (send mailing address to
Nature Made Triple Flex Soft Gel Sample
WipeOut Fat Burner Sample
Free Pet Exam at PetSmart
$5 free From InboxDollars

Monday, December 28, 2009

FREE Nicoderm CQ Sample!

If you want to quit smoking, for the new year, for your family, or just for you, this is an offer you should definitely take advantage of! Click on the banner to get a free sample of Nicoderm CQ (nonmedicated) and a $7 off coupon! What a great deal!

Nicoderm CQ

VERY Cheap Deodorant!

I just read at For The Mommas that one of her readers reported walmart having Dove Visibly Smooth deodorant for $2.47

use THIS coupon for $2.00/1 and get the deodorant for just $.47!!

What is your New Years Resolution?

Personally mine are to budget money even better than I have in the past few months, save more, earn more online, and just lead an overall healthier/happier life. Granted my life is pretty amazing right now. Anyway, I know a lot of us say we are going to lose weight and get healthier/get into shape, and I am fortunate enough to be able to offer you guys 30 days free at Curves!!! Simply sign up, they will contact you with information, & a free fitness plan. No obligation at all!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

I don't know about you but...

I take a ton of pictures, I have two cameras and my phone on me all the time. Surprisingly my iPhone actually takes really good pictures!

Anyway, having photos developed into cold hard pictures to put in photo albums gets seriously expensive, even if you're just printing pictures at home since you still have to buy the photo paper (unless you have some sort of sweet hookup to get free photo paper, then I want in!)

So I am constantly searching for ways to get free pictures, really cheap pictures, free anything with my photos on them and I stumbled across an amazing deal this afternoon!

HotPrints is a site that connects your photos from your social networking site to cold hard pictures. They are NOW OFFERING one free photo book PER MONTH PER CUSTOMER! Totally free, shipping included!! You can take the pictures right out of your facebook albums and turn it into a free "hotbook". There will be sponsored ads in the book, but they are full page and totally detachable ads. They will not be on pages with your photos! I just ordered my first free one & I cannot wait to receive it!!

Big Fat Freebie List!

Hey ladies, I have been compiling a list of freebies over the past few days. We are done celebrating the holidays until NYE so I am back to blogging!! It was wonderful to take some time off from it, but it was ALWAYS on my mind!! So here is a list of the latest freebies I have come across! Enjoy!

Free Movie Rental at any REDBOX use code ACME25
Free Fresco Taco from Taco Bell
Free Mariani Dried Prune Sample
Free Baby Samples (they give TONS of freebies!)
TONS of freebies on this page
Free Aveda Samples With This Coupon
Free Gift Cards & Electronics, & More!
Galaxy Granola Sample
Cinnamon Surge Nicorette Gum Sample
Nature Made TripleFlex Sample
Pull Ups Training Pants Sample
Depends Sample
Mean Green Hand Scrub
HUNDREDS of free magazines
Free Dog Food Sample
"Wipes I love" Cleansing cloths (take the survey to see if you qualify!)
Vegetarian Starter Kit
Weekender Beauty Kit
Assorted Health Samples
NRG Dog Product Samples
Emergen-C Samples
Free Breast Self Exam Shower Card

I will be adding more as the day goes on since I will be taking breaks from cleaning and house work to get you guys as many freebies as possible!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Free Taco Bell Fresco Taco

You can print this coupon only once per person. 1 million taco coupons available! CLICK HERE to get yours! Coupon is good for only 7 days from printing (or until 1 million tacos are given away!)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

12 Free Issues of Working Mother Magazine!

I very rarely pay for magazine subscriptions (the ONLY one I actually pay for is All You since they have TONS of coupons in every issue, plus they have great money saving tips and craft ideas, recipes, etc!).

Right now valuemags is offering 12 free issues of Working Mother magazine, and even if you aren't a working mom, chances are you probably know a working mom, and this would be a great last minute holiday gift!!

CLICK HERE to get your free year of this awesome magazine!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Who Doesn't Love Free E-Books!

I download new e-books all the time & especially love the e-cookbooks! So I have compiled a big list of e-books for you all to enjoy!

Favecrafts Christmas Crafts Ebook

Recipe Lion

Recipe Lion

Recipe Lion Pork Chop Ebook

Recipe Lion - Restaurant Ebook

Make Money From YOUR blog!!

MySavings Media Super Affiliate Program

Friday, December 18, 2009

Home Depot Do It Herself Workshops!

I don't know if any of you have signed up/taken any of these in store classes home depot does, but they are FANTASTIC!

Home Depot Do-It-Herself

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two Free Olay Quench Lotions!!

What an awesome rebate!! Buy any Quench lotion (you can purchase up to 2 and receive full rebate check) and get a rebate for the price you paid by mail!

This promo includes ANY quench lotion other than the trial sizes. You are allowed two for this promo and they must be sent in together by january 29th 2010!

CLICK HERE for the rebate form.

A Weeks Worth Of Freebies!

It's that time again! Sunday night is freebie night where I post pictures of all the freebies I have received in my mailbox since last Sunday! I love to see what other people have gotten for weekly freebies and I also love posting this so people can see that I have actually received things that I have posted!

So this past week I received the following:
1. two oregon chai tea samples (one at my house one at my moms)
2. 5 kahlua bottle labels. Mine has a wedding type picture of a bride and a groom and has my wedding date on it
3. l'oreal revitalift samples
4. princess dvd
5. breathe right strips (they look like bandaids at the bottom)
6. dentek samples
7. multi purpose bottle opener
8. glow by jlo perfume sample

Coupon For Free Dunkin Donuts Coffee!

Receive a coupon for a free medium Dunkin Donuts coffee when you sign up for their DDPerks club!

It's totally free to sign up, just fill out the form HERE and enter the promo code DDPERKSCoffee at the bottom to get yours!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Please contact me VIA email regarding your prizes

Give Back Without Breaking The Bank!!

I have always loved to donate to charity, whether it be donating my time, or clothes I no longer wear, or an actual cash donation. I try to donate clothes whenever possible (I actually donated a bag of 14 pairs of almost brand new/brand new pairs of jeans today!) but sometimes I really just want to give a cash donation to my favorite charity. I know a lot of us don't have money to just give to charity this year so I have compiled some of my fave sites where you simply "click to donate".

1. Fight Breast Cancer - with every click, the sponsors send money to the Nation Breast Cancer Foundation to pay for free mammograms for women who cannot afford them. Simply go to the site, click on the BIG pink button that says "CLICK TO GIVE- IT'S FREE!" Just one simple click is all it takes! You can click once a day every day. In 2008 alone the company was provided with enough funds for 3315 free mammograms!!

2. Free Rice - play a simple vocabulary game and while you do, for every correct answer you donate 10 grains of rice through the U.N. World Food Program to help end world hunger. I donated 1000 grains of rice before writing this blog entry!

3. GoodSearch - search for your favorite charity on the site, and then use the site like you would normally use google, or ask (or even swagbucks) everytime you search the internet through their site, contributions will be made to the charity of your choice. Since their start in 2005, goodsearch has generated $26,000 for the American Society of Cruelty to Animals!

4. End Violence Against Women- care2 is the parent site where you click to donate like the breast cancer site above. The link I posted is to end violence against women, an ever growing problem now a days. I have had quite a few friends affected by domestic violence and I will do anything I can to help end it. You can also visit HERE to go to the parent site and choose your own cause to donate to. I log in once a day everyday and click on each organization to donate to each one! It takes me about a minute to click on each one & I love the feeling I get after knowing I helped a child, a wolf, a primate, breast cancer, etc!

I hope you all can take a few minutes out of your busy days to help make the world a better place!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Home Made Simple- Sign Up For Freebies!

Be the first to know about freebies, sweepstakes, coupons, etc! Sign up for the free Home Made Simple Newsletter to get email notices about their special offers! Just click the banner to be taken to the sign up page & that's it!!

Home Made Simple

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another Free Sample Of Stacy's Chips!!

ALL YOU magazine is giving out ANOTHER 44,000 samples of Stacy's chips!! These chips are sooo delish & they're pita chips so they are MUCH better for you than regular chips!

CLICK HERE to get your second (or first if you missed the first sample) sample of Stacy's Pita Chips! There was still more than 27,000 samples when I posted this so you have plenty of time to get yours!

Free Facebook Sample Aveeno Nourish

Get your free sample of Aveeno Nourish on facebook by going HERE to become a fan and then HERE to request your sample!

Monday, December 7, 2009


I have made a nail blog JUST FOR YOU LADIES!!!

I am very excited!! I plan on doing as MANY nail swatches as possible as I receive new polishes!

As I work my way through my polish collection, I promise to take pictures of all the colors!! I also plan on doing more nail art/tutorials for you ladies! :o)

THIS is the link to my new blog!

Free Stacy's Chips!

Not only was Stacy's chips offering free samples a few weeks ago, now if you become their facebook fan HERE, you can then request a coupone for a free FULL SIZE bag of Stacy's chips HERE

What a great company! I LOVE free product coupons!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Get a $5 target gift card for free!

Well, not totally free, it costs 10-15 minutes of your time :o)

I think it's worth it! Sign up with and then write just 10 simple reviews and you will receive a $5 target gift card in the mail within 4-6 weeks of writing your reviews!

Simply register
click the reviews tab
type the name of the place you want to review, or just click "look it up" to be shown all results.

Lilaguide will email you when you write your first, third, sixth reviews and then when you finish your 10th, you will receive an email telling you that your target gift card is on its way!

Make sure your profile is up to date with your address so they know where to send the card!!

Have fun!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

In the market for a new bed?

Then Request your Free Night-Time Renewal™ Kit and receive Free DVD, 3-Month In-Home Tryout Certificate and TEMPUR® Material sample.

Great Gift & Totally Affordable !!

With only 20 days left until christmas eve, I know a lot of us are running around trying to find gifts for everyone on our lists!

If you know someone who loves coffee & is on the go all the time, this gift would be perfect for them! & At only $3 (YES $3!!!) you will receive 3 boxes of gourmet coffee & a stainless steel coffee mug!! I have taken them up on this offer many times in the past, and believe me, the coffee is delish! (I always get the creme brulee, chocolate raspberry and french vanilla! yumm!!)


Free International Delight Coffee Creamer

Log onto facebook now to get two free coupons for International Delight Coffee Creamer!

First become their fan HERE and then click on the free coupon link HERE (remember to hit your browsers back button to print the second coupon!)

This is open to the first 25,000 facebook fans to print only! They are currently at 12,864 fans, but they are having trouble printing the coupon!

(Try restarting your browser, or your computer, as soon as I logged out of facebook, closed firefox, then opened it up and signed back in I was able to successfully print my two coupons)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Get Free Brand Name Samples!!

One of my fave sites to get awesome brand name samples is Freeflys, sign up today to start receiving samples right away!! Simply click the banner and register totally free!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Sample From Walmart!

Orange benefiber flavor sticks. CLICK HERE to get yours!

Swagbucks Deal!!

If you use swagbucks, and have 55 swagbucks, you can get $5 in paypal! Normally on sale for 75 SB, and regular price is 190 SB!

This is a 24 hour sale only so scoop yours up fast!! CLICK HERE to get yours!

& CLICK HERE to see my post on swagbucks!

Free Tote Bag!

Get a free tote bag from Martha Stewart Living & Aveeno!

I'm not sure what the tote bag looks like, but I love these to use for reusable shopping bags! (CVS and Target offer incentives for people who use reusable bags!)

CLICK HERE to get yours while supplies last !! I'm sure this one will go fast!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

$10 Free From Coinstar!

A few weeks ago a bunch of fellow bloggers posted this deal that I was slightly weary about.

When you cash at least $40 of change into a gift card at a coinstar machine, you would receive an extra $10.

There were really no other details other than that. Be it that I collect ALL my spare change religiously, I had MUCH more than $40 in change, and this sounded like a GREAT time to cash some in.

When cashing in change with coinstar, they charge you a measley 8.9 cents per dollar. Let me tell you that 8.9cents adds up QUICK. With their new gift cards, it is TOTALLY free to change your change, into a gift card. Seemed like a good idea to me. I was very skeptical since I didn't know if I had to go online to fill out a form, or if I would have to enter my info at the coinstar machine, etc.

I kept waiting and waiting, no one had these answers, and it seemed no one else had these questions. So I grabbed my hot pink change jug, and went off to find a coinstar machine.

Let me tell you, it could NOT have been an easier process! Put in the change, pick the card you want (I picked old navy!!), and your gift card will be automatically loaded and will come right out of the machine. When my voucher printed after, I checked and THERE was the form to get my extra $10. (I cashed in $40.19 just to be sure that it would work lol)

This promotion is still going on, but only until December 6th! So if you have $40 in change sitting around your house, head to coinstar and you'll make an extra $10!

Make sure the particular machine you are going to has the cards you want, and is actually doing this offer! Some machines are not!

CLICK HERE for more details!

Freebie /Free Sample List

Here is my most recent freebie list that I have found!

Shelburne Falls Coffee Sample
Nescafe Tasters (coffee samples) (i received these a while ago and they're great to bring in your purse to work!)
Free mini christmas tree
Free diet sample pack (always check with your doctor before starting any diet regime)
one touch ultramini (you have to qualify for this offer)
Starbucks via readybrew samples
Golden Tea sample
Dunkin Donuts Coffee
Nick Chavez Shampoo Samples
Free Steaz Organic Tea (available at target)
Free Steaz zero calorie sparkling green tea (available at whole foods)
Glucose Sample from DEX4
Free 1gb flash drive
Dont Disturb Me I'm Sleeping natural sleep aid
SimpliStick Wall Decoration
Astroglide Glycerine & Paraben Free Sample
Free CankerMelts from
Stimulant-X Sample (make sure you check your email after requesting this one to confirm)
Slippery Stuff Lube Sample
Beyond Seven Condom Sample
Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Body Wash Sample
Free Memo Cube Sample

Have fun requesting freebies everyone!!! I can't wait to find more for you!!!


Starting today, December 1st, 2009, you can get one of four free gifts from Photoworks! You do not need to be a member to get this and it is a ONE DAY ONLY gift!

Gifts to choose are:
1. 25 free holiday cards valued at $24.95
2. free photo clutch valued at $16.95
3. 11X8 horizontal photo calendar valued at $19.95 (need at least 20 pictures)
4. or a $25 coupon for anything on the site.

The first three include free shipping, the coupon does not count for shipping costs. You do not need to complete your gift right away, just be one of the first 20,000 to register for your own unique coupon code!! Make sure you write it down first or save it somewhere on your computer, when I printed mine it came out just a blank space where the code was!

CLICK HERE to go to the site , then scroll down and on the right side click "TODAY ONLY FREE GIFT!"