Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Starting today, December 1st, 2009, you can get one of four free gifts from Photoworks! You do not need to be a member to get this and it is a ONE DAY ONLY gift!

Gifts to choose are:
1. 25 free holiday cards valued at $24.95
2. free photo clutch valued at $16.95
3. 11X8 horizontal photo calendar valued at $19.95 (need at least 20 pictures)
4. or a $25 coupon for anything on the site.

The first three include free shipping, the coupon does not count for shipping costs. You do not need to complete your gift right away, just be one of the first 20,000 to register for your own unique coupon code!! Make sure you write it down first or save it somewhere on your computer, when I printed mine it came out just a blank space where the code was!

CLICK HERE to go to the site , then scroll down and on the right side click "TODAY ONLY FREE GIFT!"

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