Sunday, December 27, 2009

Big Fat Freebie List!

Hey ladies, I have been compiling a list of freebies over the past few days. We are done celebrating the holidays until NYE so I am back to blogging!! It was wonderful to take some time off from it, but it was ALWAYS on my mind!! So here is a list of the latest freebies I have come across! Enjoy!

Free Movie Rental at any REDBOX use code ACME25
Free Fresco Taco from Taco Bell
Free Mariani Dried Prune Sample
Free Baby Samples (they give TONS of freebies!)
TONS of freebies on this page
Free Aveda Samples With This Coupon
Free Gift Cards & Electronics, & More!
Galaxy Granola Sample
Cinnamon Surge Nicorette Gum Sample
Nature Made TripleFlex Sample
Pull Ups Training Pants Sample
Depends Sample
Mean Green Hand Scrub
HUNDREDS of free magazines
Free Dog Food Sample
"Wipes I love" Cleansing cloths (take the survey to see if you qualify!)
Vegetarian Starter Kit
Weekender Beauty Kit
Assorted Health Samples
NRG Dog Product Samples
Emergen-C Samples
Free Breast Self Exam Shower Card

I will be adding more as the day goes on since I will be taking breaks from cleaning and house work to get you guys as many freebies as possible!

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