Tuesday, December 1, 2009

$10 Free From Coinstar!

A few weeks ago a bunch of fellow bloggers posted this deal that I was slightly weary about.

When you cash at least $40 of change into a gift card at a coinstar machine, you would receive an extra $10.

There were really no other details other than that. Be it that I collect ALL my spare change religiously, I had MUCH more than $40 in change, and this sounded like a GREAT time to cash some in.

When cashing in change with coinstar, they charge you a measley 8.9 cents per dollar. Let me tell you that 8.9cents adds up QUICK. With their new gift cards, it is TOTALLY free to change your change, into a gift card. Seemed like a good idea to me. I was very skeptical since I didn't know if I had to go online to fill out a form, or if I would have to enter my info at the coinstar machine, etc.

I kept waiting and waiting, no one had these answers, and it seemed no one else had these questions. So I grabbed my hot pink change jug, and went off to find a coinstar machine.

Let me tell you, it could NOT have been an easier process! Put in the change, pick the card you want (I picked old navy!!), and your gift card will be automatically loaded and will come right out of the machine. When my voucher printed after, I checked and THERE was the form to get my extra $10. (I cashed in $40.19 just to be sure that it would work lol)

This promotion is still going on, but only until December 6th! So if you have $40 in change sitting around your house, head to coinstar and you'll make an extra $10!

Make sure the particular machine you are going to has the cards you want, and is actually doing this offer! Some machines are not!

CLICK HERE for more details!

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