Saturday, December 12, 2009

Give Back Without Breaking The Bank!!

I have always loved to donate to charity, whether it be donating my time, or clothes I no longer wear, or an actual cash donation. I try to donate clothes whenever possible (I actually donated a bag of 14 pairs of almost brand new/brand new pairs of jeans today!) but sometimes I really just want to give a cash donation to my favorite charity. I know a lot of us don't have money to just give to charity this year so I have compiled some of my fave sites where you simply "click to donate".

1. Fight Breast Cancer - with every click, the sponsors send money to the Nation Breast Cancer Foundation to pay for free mammograms for women who cannot afford them. Simply go to the site, click on the BIG pink button that says "CLICK TO GIVE- IT'S FREE!" Just one simple click is all it takes! You can click once a day every day. In 2008 alone the company was provided with enough funds for 3315 free mammograms!!

2. Free Rice - play a simple vocabulary game and while you do, for every correct answer you donate 10 grains of rice through the U.N. World Food Program to help end world hunger. I donated 1000 grains of rice before writing this blog entry!

3. GoodSearch - search for your favorite charity on the site, and then use the site like you would normally use google, or ask (or even swagbucks) everytime you search the internet through their site, contributions will be made to the charity of your choice. Since their start in 2005, goodsearch has generated $26,000 for the American Society of Cruelty to Animals!

4. End Violence Against Women- care2 is the parent site where you click to donate like the breast cancer site above. The link I posted is to end violence against women, an ever growing problem now a days. I have had quite a few friends affected by domestic violence and I will do anything I can to help end it. You can also visit HERE to go to the parent site and choose your own cause to donate to. I log in once a day everyday and click on each organization to donate to each one! It takes me about a minute to click on each one & I love the feeling I get after knowing I helped a child, a wolf, a primate, breast cancer, etc!

I hope you all can take a few minutes out of your busy days to help make the world a better place!!

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