Sunday, December 27, 2009

I don't know about you but...

I take a ton of pictures, I have two cameras and my phone on me all the time. Surprisingly my iPhone actually takes really good pictures!

Anyway, having photos developed into cold hard pictures to put in photo albums gets seriously expensive, even if you're just printing pictures at home since you still have to buy the photo paper (unless you have some sort of sweet hookup to get free photo paper, then I want in!)

So I am constantly searching for ways to get free pictures, really cheap pictures, free anything with my photos on them and I stumbled across an amazing deal this afternoon!

HotPrints is a site that connects your photos from your social networking site to cold hard pictures. They are NOW OFFERING one free photo book PER MONTH PER CUSTOMER! Totally free, shipping included!! You can take the pictures right out of your facebook albums and turn it into a free "hotbook". There will be sponsored ads in the book, but they are full page and totally detachable ads. They will not be on pages with your photos! I just ordered my first free one & I cannot wait to receive it!!

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