Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Updated Sweepstakes List!

I haven't done an updated sweepstakes list since last year so I thought I would post one now, and offer some tips!

Before I post any sweepstakes/instant win games, I would like to say to try and play the sweepstakes when most other people aren't online. I have won most of my prizes around 3am, but I have read that the hours between 1am-4am are the best times to get online and play.

So here is my most current list of sweepstakes (the ones towards the top of the list have the most winners per day.)

1. Victoria's Secret Wild Card Game 1900+ prizes, read more details HERE

2. Docker's Wear The Pants 2990 pairs of dockers given away, more details HERE

3. Cheerios, Begin With Your Heart coupons for everyone, 53,600 free boxes of cheerios, more details HERE

4. Dove Spin For Your Skin 2000 beauty bar prizes, more details HERE

5. Pace Hand Pick & Win 129,000 jars will be given away, more details HERE

6. My Coke Twist Txt Get This game begins Feb 16th, 2010. Last year I won $25 cash cards three times! $75 total! Thanks Coke!! More details HERE

7. Honey Nut Cheerios Sweet Rewards Lots of $5 cash prizes, I won 4 times last year! Play 10X daily! More details HERE

Remember to play the sweeps daily to have the best chance at winning!


glimmeringmetal said...

great post! thanks for all your blog posts btw I totally have saved so much money through you


KatieCouturexo said...

Thanks Cathy for taking time to comment! I love hearing everyones feedback!!