Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ugh I am sick!... {& a small haul}

..Which is awful. I hate being sick, not that anyone loves or even likes being sick but you get what I mean.

One good thing about today is that I ordered my Valentines/Birthday gift from Michael today. I know I take the surprise out of gift giving for him but the way I see it is that I make gift giving easy for him!

Since my birthday & valentines day are only 4 days apart, I don't mind not getting huge presents for both. Sooo here is what I ordered from Ulta :

Ulta is having a valentines day special right now, most of the perfumes have a "free gift with purchase" and I happen to love the Ed Hardy for women perfume, so when I saw in the catalog that you get a free Ed Hardy overnight bag, I knew I had to get it. I don't have an overnight bag so that worked out well too. The bag was free with $75 purchase, and the 3.4 oz bottle is $75 so I qualified for the free gift.

It's it gorgeous? I love the pinky/lilac color and flowers. Most of my other EH bags are black/dark colors! This one reminds me of an Easter egg almost with the gorgeous pastels. Oh boy I love this bag!

Aaaanddddd Ulta is also giving away Valentines day necklaces with any $30 purchase, ($30 value), so because I bought the EH perfume, I qualified for this necklace too. They had 3 different ones to choose from, a pink ribbon/pearl one (I have one just like it), a pink lacquered locket (looks slightly on the childish side) and then the heart key. I picked the key since I have been lusting a Tiffany & co. key necklace for a while but the one I want is over $1500 sooo I will settle for this one! I just love the look of the necklace though, it's so simple and elegant looking.

Sooo, I bought the perfume I wanted, get an overnight bag, and a pretty Tiffany-like necklace, I'm a happy girl!!! I can't wait to take actual pictures of them when they come! OH and I got free shipping too! lol

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miss_moneymaker said...

That is a great deal! You should post the link to the website.
I might check this out, if its still going on.