Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A personal post! Resolutions

I have been asked by a few people to write more blog posts about my life, in addition to posting about great deals and freebies. So I thought I would take some time to write about a few of my New Years Resolutions. I know that it is already February, but I seem to add new resolutions all the time. I finally have a sound list of the goals I hope to reach this year and I have been working hard at them.

I had a few different goals last year, and as the new year came, I realized I wasn't being realistic with myself. I have reviewed my goals and set much more realistic ones. So here are just a few of my goals.

1. Better every area of my life. This is a pretty vague resolution, but what I have in mind is exercising more, eating better, taking vitamins, taking care of my skin, etc. I also want to get my family healthier. My husband has an amazing metabolism so he could eat 4 big macs and not even gain half a pound. I want my family to be healthy & active together. We will spend more time together, eat better, and be more active. Our bonds will grow and we will enjoy our time together.

2. Pay off my car payment. I have decided to use all of my blog/facebook/other online earnings to pay off my cay payment. We took our a 4 year loan so that we wouldn't be cash strapped but could still have my amazing jeep. While we didn't get the best deal on the car, we were stuck with trying to get a vehicle and relatively fast as I had a 5 month old baby, and my husband worked an hour away and his SUV died. I could not be left at home, with an infant, and no vehicle. Fortunately we were smart enough to take a loan that would not penalize us for paying the loan off ahead of time. If we manage to pay it off this year, we will be two years early on our loan. I hope to pay it off very soon so we can have one less payment and can buy a house!

3. Pay off all outstanding debts. Any sort of bills, bank accounts, anything that has been tossed to the back burner is going to be paid off this year. My husband and I are ready to buy a house but have decided not to make any moves until our other debts are paid off so we can focus on JUST have a home loan.

4. Save as much money as possible by using coupons & freebies. Obviously I am pretty good at this already, but there is so much more that I can learn about saving that I don't know. I plan to shop around the sale items, use as many coupons as possible, and pay as little out of pocket for groceries, cleaning products, and toiletries. My stockpile is pretty decent, but I will be continuously adding more.

5. Sell on ebay more. I love let me reiterate, LOVE LOVE LOVE selling things on ebay. I think the hunt for the item is what I love most, or seeing the item sell, but I love going to thrift stores/consignment shops/flea markets/yard sales, etc, finding something very cheap, and selling it for a profit.

I will probably post more of my resolutions in another post. I plan on blogging more often about my life rather than just free stuff.

I find blogging is a great way to vent my frustrations, I don't even care if anyone reads it, but rather than getting worked up and taking it out on my husband, I am able to sit down and write out what is bothering me.

Anyway, I wanted to thank each & every one of you for reading & following my blog & facebook!

So, thank you!


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