Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines/Birthday Presents!

Happy Valentines day everyone! I know it's kinda late (it's already 9:45 here) buttttt I still had to wish you all a happy day!

Anyway, I finally got to have my presents that {I picked out} Michael bought me! I said I would post some pictures, so here you go!

I am rather OBSESSED with this bag! It is even more gorgeous in person! I will admit it is smaller than I expected, but it's so gorgeous I don't even want to use it so it doesn't get dirty! lol

I'm not sure why this picture is so washed out looking but isnt the bottle pretty? I love it & the perfume smells AMAZING!!! I have wanted it for about 6 months now but just finally got around to buying it, and it was the perfect time!

I adore the necklace, when I first took it out of the box and put it on I didn't like the chain because it was relatively long and I did not expect it to be the length it was. I'm pretty sure the chain length with the shirt I had on just didn't work, because I wore the necklace again today and it looked great so I'm now in love with it and I won't be purchasing another chain.

These are the samples I received from Ulta, not much to say about them, but I'm excited to try the perfume!

So I hope everyone had a great day!! I am off to go exercise a bit since I can breathe again and I haven't exercised in over a week!

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Beautygirl24 said...

Happy birthday! I love that necklace btw!