Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Samples!!!

If any of you know me in real life or have spoken to me online at all, I am sure you know that fashion & beauty are MAJOR parts of my life. You may also know by reading my blog that I love anything free!!

So a few weeks ago, I got an email from Ulta promoting a bag of free samples with some purchase (the requirement is escaping me right now, but I believe it was with the purchase of $25 or more)

Well let me tell you, these were NOT cheapo samples. I couldn't believe the amount of product samples I received!
Samples Included:
tigi shampoo and conditioner
jacqua hand cream packets (raspberry creme frosting, pina colada)
benefit do it daily
murad acne cleanser
sea results line mender & a mattefying gel (forgot the name)
bare minerals mineral veil & tiny buki brush
perricone md moisturizer
DDF daily moisturizer
some brown sugar scrub (again the name escapes me right now)

ALSO for free, I received the hot pink clutch (also pictured) with the purchase of two Ulta bath products or Ulta Smoothies. (I may be mixing the promos up with the gifts). Well the Ulta Smoothies were on sale 2 for $20 (regular price $14.00/each). So I saved $8 total on the smoothies (I picked banana bliss, and chocolate milkshake. Yum!!). Once again most Ulta cosmetics were buy one get one free, so I purchased a concealer stick, and got a blush (in girlie!, also pictured) for free! ANDDD on top of all that, Essie nail polish was on sale and I paid only $4.50 for a new polish (in steel-ing the scene!).

I spent $53.76 and qualified for free ground shipping (by spending $50). Soo all together I got a $40 sample bag, $30 clutch, $2.99 blush (the price according to the site but I believe it was more when I purchased it), free shipping, $8 off the smoothies, and $3 off one of my favorite nail polish brands saving me an IMPRESSIVE total of about $85!!!!

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