Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Weeks Worth Of Freebies!

I have seen a few other bloggers do weekly freebies pictures and I have decided to do one as well! Every Sunday night I am going to take a picture of all the freebies/coupons/samples I have received over the past week.

1. 6 pack 20oz coke FREE AT SHAWS with purchase of 4 12 packs of coke
2. Reeses Puffs for FREE AT SHAWS with purchase of maxwell house coffee
3. free chocolate coupon from mars candies
4. boudreauxs's butt paste, butt bath, and baby bath samples (from my pediatrician)
5. another Organix conditioner (pomegranate green tea) for free with cash back rebate
5. playtex gentle glide tampon sample (
6. playtex sport tampon sample (
7. Glidden quart of paint in pink carnation (
8. bodycology lotion sample in rasperries & cream (
9. viva papertowel sample (
10. refresh your home coupon book (over $35 of coupons for febreeze, dawn, swiffer, etc!)
11. code for the honeynut cheerios cash giveaway

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