Sunday, September 6, 2009


Hi everyone!!

I want to thank everyone for your continued support of my blogging!! I love watching how my blog is growing & ALWAYS love hearing your feedback!!

I also want to apologize for not posting so much in the past few days! Things have been quite hectic in my house! Friday morning my daughters new playpen (safety 1st disney princess play yard) I am not bad mouthing the company but really now?? I haven't even had the playpen for a month and it's broken?? Your companys name is SAFETY 1ST!! Not so safe to me.. As soon as I called they said they would send out a new play pen so I am pleased with that. Right after the playpen broke, I got news from my repairman that he couldn't fix my washing machine and it needed to be replaced. Soo, off we go to Sears to pick out a new washer dryer (I am super happy I now have energy star appliances!!) As we were leaving, the brakes went out in my moms Tahoe..we had to wait for my brother to come pick us up an hour from home, with my 15 month old daughter who was tired and restless and grumpy.

AFTER all that stupid stuff breaking, I have good news, I am now more energy efficient with my new washer and dryer which were delivered about 2 hours ago, my moms brakes were fixed yesterday, & like I said before, my daughter will be receiving a brand new play pen !

Today I am going to enjoy the beautiful day at home with my family catching up on laundry, searching for freebies, and relaxing!!

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC Labor Day & Weekend!

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