Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Weeks Sample Pic!!

I normally try to do this on Sunday nights, but lately I have been slacking, so I am doing it right now, at 10:36am ..I know it probably doesn't matter to anyone else what time I do this but I enjoyed doing it at night. HOWEVER, tomorrow is my big brothers 24th birthday, so we are having the family party today & I know I will be tired later!

Anyway, not a huge freebie week (I actually received most of them on Saturday) but I did get some fun ones! :o)
PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT smoke. I don't judge people who do, but I personally do not. (I actually got that sample to give to my dad!)

1. burts bees acne sample! yay!
2. fancy feast appetizers sample
3. total cereal sample
4. coupon for a free fancy feast appetizer from petco & another coupon I don't remember the value of
5. astroglide lube sample
6. heart to heart cereal sample
7. two gain detergent samples (i LOVE gain detergent, the apple mango tango is my absolute favorite <33)
8. eos organic lipbalm sample in sweet mint(not pictured) (MY NEW FAVORITE!!! its shaped like an egg (sort of) and the flavor is sweet mint..its delicious and I will not be buying any other brands now! PLUS!!! its 95% organic!! amazing!)

Hope you all are enjoying your samples!!!

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