Saturday, October 10, 2009

I just saved my family $200!!!

Yes! $200(a year!) ! I have been reading a lot on how to budget and cut back on certain things, and decided to try it myself.

The particular article I read is HERE. I came across Carries blog a few months ago and I have been diligently reading all of her articles as often as possible! I saved $200..I was totally motivated by Carrie to call my cable company (cox btw) and see if they could do anything to lower my bill. My husband had a sudden epiphany a few months ago and realized how much he hated his career and has gone back to school, I let the woman know that our income has come down a bit so he can focus on figuring out what he loves, however I am still working. Please do not lie to the company, this is true on my end! She immediately told me she could offer me a new package price for $10 less a month. $100/year right there. I then asked her what was actually on my package (cable, hbo, high speed internet, basic home phone (only for faxing), high speed internet, , DVR and wire protection plan) That is a lot of stuff I did not know I had.

First, I asked how much that protection plan was.. $5/month = $60/year..not neccessary. GONE! Now I am at $160/year savings.

I still was not satisfied with paying $179.95/month for cable! I then let her know I had been shopping around for new packages. I told her I was planning to switch to Verizon and they had the same package for $40/less a month. I asked to speak with the cancellation department when she said she couldn't give me any less off my bill. She folded. She said she will match what Verizon has for a plan, and will give that to me for the next 6 months. BINGO! Saved $200/year on cable/internet/home phone!

Thank you to the lovely Cox rep who helped me out! I very much appreciate you putting up with my negotiating!

& Thank you Carrie from Money Saving Methods for posting such informative blogs!

I will be doing this type of post often to document my savings/earnings and also to help out other bloggers!

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