Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some Easy to Win Sweepstakes!

Hey ladies!

Lately I have been super into playing INSTANT WIN sweepstakes, and I just wanted to post a few of my favorites & some of the easiest ones to win.

1. Dove Beauty MatchMaker You can play this one up to 3 times a day! I haven't won yet but I am hoping to! Winners will be sent a coupon for a free product (when you get 3 in a row match, you will win that prize). There are more than 45 winners a day for this one!!

2. Pace Hand Pick & Win 1 in 20 wins ! over 129,000 people will win this one! Play once a day. I have won twice. Winner will receive a coupon by mail worth $4. I actually got mine already, and made money buying salsa at walmart!

3. twist txt get play this one twice daily!! 79,000 + prizes! I won a $20 mastercard gift card! & I just started playing this tonight!! *no purchase necessary, scroll down to the official rules, see section 5b, click "click here" and you will fill out a form, then you will find out instantly what you won!

4. honey nut cheerios sweet rewards giveaway play this 10X daily!! win up to 10 times! thats $50!! I have won only once so far, but if you play daily you should have great success at this one!!

5. Little Debbie Share A Thon Giveaway you can enter this one once daily! winners will be notified by email if they win, so dont forget to enter!! This one ends March 31, 201o, and there will be average of 4,000 winners a day!! Yum!! You could win a Garmin Nuvi, a years supply of cupcakes, a smart car, etc!! tonsss of prizes!

6. Right@Home Candle/american express gift card giveaway. Enter once a day by entering your email and then matching three 2oz soy candles you win that candle, if you reveal three 3wick candles, you win $100 american express gift card. There are 88 AMEX gift card winners and 1760 first prize candle winners! Contest ends December 31st.

These are some of the easiest to win!! I won the coke rewards one and the cheerios while typing this blog up!! Keep entering daily and you will definitely win something!!!

UPDATE: (10/18/09) I have won another jar of salsa, and a 2oz candle from glade as well. I won a pouch of tuna, but the Starkist contest is over now so it has been removed. I am still hoping to win one of the Dove prizes!!

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aww...thanks so so much for sharing!!