Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween & a Safety Message

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are going to have a safe & happy Halloween! Please be sure that you are all VERY careful about letting your children take candy from peoples buckets. I just saw on the news that the H1N1 virus can live for hours on a candy wrapper or inside a candy bucket. Remember if you do take your children trick or treating (we are not going this year), to carry hand sanitizer (and/or disinfecting spray). I would hate to hear about anyone on my blog having a child get sick!! (or anyone, anywhere for that matter but obviously it is inevitable!)

So please be sure to take EXTRA precaution, don't let your child stick his/her hand in someones candy bowl and be sure to sanitize between every house! Luckily my daughter is only 1 1/2 so she doesn't know what Halloween is, but good luck to those with older children who are still going!!

Please CLICK HERE for more ways to keep your children safe today/tonight!

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