Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weak/Brittle Nails

Hi everyone!

So here is my first product review for this blog!

Everyone loves having great looking nails. Hands/nails are one of the most noticed features when meeting a new person, seeing family, meetings, basically anything you do!

As a nail tech, I get a lot of people telling me that they love having acrylics or gel nails, but upon removal, their nails are weak, soft, and paper thin.

Well..There are a few things that can be done. First one being, DON'T GET ENHANCEMENTS AND LEAVE THEM ON FOR YEARS AT A TIME! I suggest keeping them on for a few months ( a good rule of thumb ((no pun intended! lol!)) is when your natural nail is as long as your enhancement) . When you remove your enhancements, SOAK them off in 100% pure acetone. DO NOT POP/RIP/BITE/CHEW your enhancements off. Doing this will rip layers of your already thin nail off with the acrylic.

After removing enhancements, I also suggest getting regular manicures. They're cheap, and you get a hand/arm massage included in the price!! If done right, this should be veryyy relaxing!

If regular manicures are out of the question, I recommend investing in a nail strengthener. The good ones can be a little pricey (around $16 for OPI nail envy which now comes in 6 different formulas)

The salon formulas are usually better, try O.P.I Nail envy, or Nail Tek . You can also pick some up at the drugstore. I have tried sally hansen products and seen ok results from them.

Anyway..My personal favorite is the OPI nail envy line! I have not tried all of the formulas, just the original and it has taken my nails from tissue paper thin, and hurting, to strong and healthy looking!

I hope this review has helped out the many of us who have weak brittle peeling nails!!

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