Thursday, April 15, 2010

$20 Off $20 Purchase At Roaman's!

I LOVE these deals! Right now Roamans has a code for $20 off $20 purchase (you must PURCHASE $20 OR MORE!)

Here's how to make this deal work best for you:

1. start out at shop at home to receive 3% cash back on your purchase
2. check out the clearance section! They have some really great items clearanced right now!
3. Try to get as close to $20 as possible and then pay only $6.99 for shipping.
4. Enter code RDFAN at checkout for your $20 off.

I ordered the Ruffle Edge Henley Tee (in pink & black!) since it was buy one get one free so I paid $12.98 for two tops ($26.99 X 2 = 53.98 i received one for free so that brought me back down to $26.99, then entered the code which brought me to $6.99 plus $6.99 for shipping. I will also be getting 3% cash back!)

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