Thursday, March 3, 2016

February Side Income Report

It's that time again!  My monthly side hustle income report!  I started doing this in January of this month just as a fun way to see how much my girlfriend and I can actually make in side jobs from home.  You can see my January income report by clicking HERE .  My focus was on other things this month so we didn't do as well with our online income/app incomes.  However, the amount we made was significantly higher than last month because of those efforts.

February's side hustle:
$5 from SWAGBUCKS (search & earn, use coupons, watch videos, etc!)
$3.18 from an app called "pact", this app challenges you to work out, eat more veggies, and log your food daily.  If you miss your challenge, then you have to pay.  If you hit your goals each week, you earn money from those who didn't and had to pay
$50 from watching our friends daughter two days after school 
$4 from an app called "slide joy" (only available on the android market)
$44.50 in lose coins we had laying around.  (This is more than just one months worth, so next month it will be more accurate)
$50 from my girlfriend helping her sister make and sell things online
$506 from direct sales

Bringing our total side hustle income for the month of February to $662.68 or $165.67/week.  I tend to doubt that March's side hustle income with come close to February's but it was an amazing month all around!  It just goes to show that these things can be done! 

We are always looking for new apps/websites/side hustle ideas so if you have any, please share! 

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