Saturday, April 18, 2009

An Exciting Shopping Trip!

Ok so since I have decided to update my blog more often, I am doing a review on a hair "detailer" that I picked up yesterday at TJ MAXX.

My husband, daughter and I went out on a little shopping trip yesterday before I had to go to work, and as I was browsing the shelves in the beauty department of TJ MAXX (you can find some totally awesome deals! I picked up a giant bottle of bigsexyhair spray for only 6.99!!! *regular price at target 17.99*), I came across this tiny hair straightener. It came in light pink, fuschia, and hot pink and zebra striped. I was totally intrigued by this thing. It is like 1/2" and is as long as..idk..a pen maybe? it was so small & pretty (and cheap at only 19.99!) I couldn't help but by it in fuschia.

So I get into the car with my husband (his name is michael for future reference), and my daughter (Giovanna), and I immediately tore the package open. (This is not my picture, I found it on ebay) This thing, is so awesome, I told michael I was blogging as soon as I got home. (that didn't happen, buttt, forgive me I shopped longer than expected and then had work!) Michael has a converter in his car, that plugs into the outlets, and conveniently had it with us..don't ask why because I don't know! lol, so I plugged it in, it was at full heat in 45 SECONDS! so I started trying out the different styles the package said it could do. I got perfect flips, little baby curls, perfectly straight sections, and it was REALLY great for all my little baby hairs that have decided to grow out recently.

I am definitely going back to buy more of them to give to my friends! Sooo, if you have a TJ MAXX near you, definitely stop in and grab one!

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