Thursday, April 16, 2009

Product Review

So this is a product review, however it is not a regular product review. This review is on an electronic money counting jug! I am pretty OCD about where things go, and making sure things are in their place, so when my husband comes home from work and tosses his spare change wherever he pleases, it really rubs me the wrong way. I am also really big on saving up spare change, an old friend of mine used to literally throw spare change away. It blew my mind! Money is money no matter what form it is!

Well, about two weeks ago, I was visiting my parents, and saw that my dad had a coin counting jug. I had thought about getting one in the past but never wanted to spend the $16+ on one that I didn't love. So I started browsing google images for pink coin counting jugs. I had seen one on before, so I was really searching for something similar..well, I came across this hot pink electronic coin counting jug on another bloggers page, and I was instantly in love with it. She had found it on and also target has it as well. Seeing as it was a few dollars cheaper, and being a huge bargain hunter, I went for the QVC one. When all was said and done, the total came out to $25.01 with shipping and tax. A lot pricier than I had expected, but I loved it and really couldn't stop thinking about it.

The shipping said that it would be delivered tomorrow (friday), so imagine my surprise when I came home last night to see a box from QVC on my front porch! It was my money jug!

I was so excited that while my husband unpacked our sleeping daughter from the car, I ran inside with my purse to go open it and start putting the coins in. I was expecting (after reading the reviews) that the coins wouldn't be recognized as the right amount, and since my dads also read the coins wrong, I was slightly worried. Well, this thing read EVERY coin EXACTLY as it should.

Long story short, I sat there putting each and every coin I could find into this jug and ended up with over $100!! Thats a small trip to the salon! or a new pair of shoes! or a third of my car payment!

Although it cost a little more than I would have liked, I think all in all it's worth every penny and I plan to buy more of them as gifts!

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