Saturday, January 9, 2010

Designer Items SUPER Discounted!

A lot of my friends always ask me where I get my designer bags and sunglasses, and how I afford to buy new designer items all the time, so I have decided to write a blog about the websites I use. ALL OF THE ITEMS ARE 100% AUTHENTIC AND ARE NOT ILLEGAL!

I use a few invitation only shopping sites, who have short sales (usually about 72 hours or until stock runs out) of designer merchandise, I have gotten Ed Hardy bags up to 64% off, high end makeup very cheap, and these are the websites I use! They cost nothing to sign up, nothing to be a member of, and you get VERY discounted items! Most of these sites carry designer items up to 70% off!

1. Ruelala
2. Ideeli
3. Beyond The Rack
4. HauteLook
5. Billion Dollar Babes
6. Gilt Group

I personally suggest signing up for all of them since you never know who will have what on sale!!

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