Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekly Freebie Post!

Ok, I am awful as posting the weekly freebie post on Sunday nights, but we do family dinner at my parents house, and then its desperate housewives night (don't judge! lol) buttttt it's only Tuesday which is kind of close to Sunday right? Right.

This week was a PRETTY AWESOME week for freebies! I received the following:
1. 50 free prints from CVS (still available if you click HERE)
2. assorted pantene, biolage, and other salon samples (from a friend of the family! Thanks Jean!)
3. honey orange jasmine (I believe that is the flavor lol) lipton green tea samples! (YUM!)
4. free qtica intensive lip balm (will be reviewing HERE)
5. free china glaze nail polish (this was a with purchase freebie, but I needed the top coat anyway! color is blue sparrow, I will be swatching it on the blog I just linked you to in item #4)
6. seventh generation dryer sheet sample
7. seventh generation liguid dish soap sample
8. sceience diet dog treat samples
9. free hotbook (still available, check out my post HERE, also, be careful not to spill anything near it, as you can see SOMEONE in my house spilled something and messed the cover up)
10. Free return address labels (one of those free gift things but they ask you to send money type deals)
11. two free photo collages from Walgreens!

Not shown: sample of stacys chips, free fresco taco from taco bell (available HERE)

I hope everyone has been getting tons of awesome freebies as well!! Don't forget to become a fan on facebook by clicking HERE

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