Monday, January 11, 2010

A Weeks Worth Of Freebies (x2)

I'm not sure what it is about posting my week of freebies but I am SOOO bad at it!! Every Sunday night I take the picture of all the freebies I received throughout the week, but I just always forget to actual write out the post!! Soooo, I am doing 2 weeks worth starting with two weeks ago, and then this past weeks freebies. Enjoy!

So not a TON of freebies last week, but a couple big ones! I received:
1. a box of WypAll towels (super duty towels, they're FANTASTIC!)
2. 10 wet wipes also from WypAll
3. sun crystals sweetener sample
4. benefiber orange stick
5. Wild grape poptarts
6. free custom shirt from marlboro (AWESOME BTW!!!)
7. Kirkland Signature Diaper sample
8. Tempurpedic material sample (my husband needed these for something? not exactly sure what)

This past week ending 1.9.2010 was also a pretty slow freebie week but I am happy with ANY freebies!

Sooo here is what I got this past week:
1. $5 target gift card for writing 10 reviews
2. Folgers coffee sample
3. Parents Magazine
4. Business Week Magaizine
5. Forbes magazine
6. American Cheerleader magazine

I think my favorite freebie from each week were the free custom shirt from Marlboro and the $5 target gift card!

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