Friday, January 29, 2010

Luvs Diaper Deal!!

Another awesome diaper deal for all you parents out there!! I love having diapers shipped directly to my door!

Here's how to get 7 jumbo packs of Luvs Diapers & a small filler for $25.95 :

  1. Log into your shopathome account. (If you aren't already a member, you will receive a $5 signup bonus. You will receive 1.5% cash back (I know it's not much but any cash back is good cash back!)
  2. Search for and then search for luvs diapers
  3. Add 7 jumbo packages of luvs diapers ($6.99 each)
  4. Add a small filler item (such as a package of travel wipes which are 1.99 or something small) to get your order to $49 so you get free shipping
  5. Enter Code AMBABYFEB10 (code expires 7/31/2010 so you have plenty of time to get this deal) to get $10 off your purchase
  6. Pay $40.92 out of pocket
  7. Print out & mail in THIS rebate within 4 weeks of purchase to receive a rebate worth $14.97 (looks like a magazine subscription but you can mail in the form to receive the rebate instead if you prefer)
  8. Total spent on 7 jumbo packages of diapers and a filler item will be $25.95 (or around there depending on how much your filler item was) minus your 1.5% cash back!

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