Monday, November 16, 2009

Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Review

As a manicurist, I am ALWAYS looking for new hand/foot scrubs, lotions, oils, etc. A few weeks ago, I picked up the True Blue Spa just a minute 60 second manicure scrub from Bath & Body Works ($12.00 arv).

I have used LOTS of scrubs in the past, some good, some alright, but I find that this bath & body works one is my absolute FAVORITE!

The scent is a delicious orange scent, but not overly orange scented. It has a great scrub to it, it is a little bit abrasive, but we use our hands for so much that to me it wasn't painful or anything. I have to admit I do like a rough scrub all around so and this one was middle grade as far as rough. It is a sugar scrub so it will melt away relatively quickly. Your hands will be SO soft after 60 seconds you won't believe it. This scrub has shea butter in it, but I would still suggest using a lotion or cream after while your hands are still damp and they will remain soft.

My suggestion is to use it on dry hands, if you have sensitive skin, use it wet. Be sure to pay extra attention to cuticles and any rough spots. (This scrub is great for elbows & feet too!!).

Would I buy it again? YES! Absolutely! & I will when I run out (or if it goes on sale..or if it doesn't, it's only $12! lol). In my opinion there is not one con to this scrub! Everything about it is just perfect! Especially now that winter is coming, everyone needs a good scrub in their stash!

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