Friday, November 20, 2009

Nic's Sticks Run Don't Walk Swatch

A while back I posted that I had picked up some Nic's Sticks for some pretty cheap prices from Target. I had swatched all of them before but none of them came out right so I have once again started swatching them.

Today I swatched Run Don't Walk. It's a gorgeous fuchsia color with shimmer. (Please ignore the god awful polish job! I'll explain why it's so bad further down) I don't think I will ever buy another Nic's Sticks again. The color has NO shine to is, it dries almost matte, but with these colors, you want some shine to it. The brushes are also VERY flimsy, they go all over the place, and the polish kind of gets stuck at the top where the bristles are connected to the tube so you get a huge polish bubble with no polish throughout the bristles. Which explains why even after cleaning up my nails, they still look horrible. The color is great, but it's been done before. I am not impressed with these, but I do have 5 more to swatch so you will be seeing more of them!

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