Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ok so I know I have slacked on the weeks worth of freebies, so I am doing about 3 weeks of freebies. After I took the picture, I realized I didn't put like 15 things in, but had already put the stuff in this picture put away.

I received:
1. free box of little debbie cupcakes
2. energy bar
3. nature valley trail mix bar
4. nature valley cereal sample
5. 3 keifer bars
6. 50 free christmas cards
7. 3 free zoya glossy lip balms
8. free schick razor
9. brilliant brunette samples
10. bruise relief gel
11. omega drink packets
12. assorted pads and tampon
13. astro glide samples (3)
14. dove body wash sample
15. free mineral eyeshadow from glominerals
16. olay body wash sample
17. head and shoulders sample
18. clarins skin care sample
19. FDS feminine wash sample
20. garnier nutrioniste eye cream sample
21. free revlon lipglosses (free after coupons)
22. free sinful colors nail polish
23. free quart of pink carnation paint from glidden
24. two free photo collages from walgreens

Not pictured: two free febreze air freshener sprays, 4 free boxes of panty liners/pads, 5 jars of salsa, free glade candle, free drano, free dog food, free baby food (a lot of these items I have posted in previous posts) and a ton more that I can't even think of right now lol

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glimmeringmetal said...

girl! you are crazy! give us our secrets. what do you write in the emails!?