Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ok Change In Plans! Nail Swatch

I know I posted last night that I was going to do some nail are for you all but since my husband can't remember where he put my nail art pens, I ordered more :o)

I did decide to do a swatch for you, of my ALL time favorite holographic nail polish, EVER! My husband and family (and some friends, I will admit) absolutely hate this polish, but they just don't get it like we nail fiends do! lol

This is China Glaze's Let's Do It In 3D. Unfortunately it is not bright and sunny out here so I can't take any outside. The first picture is my hand, the second an image I found on google. Neither really show the true holographic effect but if you like holos, PLEASE buy this one! You will NOT be disappointed!

I am hoping for my nail art pens to come very soon so I can start doing more nail art for you guys!! But until then, you will just have to look at my horrible nubs! lol

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