Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Zoya Hot Lips Review

Last week I posted a twitter giveaway from Zoya if they got to 10,000 followers.. They didn't reach 10,000 but hit over 7,000 so they did the giveaway anyway!

I am SOOOO happy they did!! I ordered mine right away even though it took me quite a while to pick only three of them!!

I ended up picking smoochie, malvadee, and beauty. Smoochie is a gorgeous pinky rose color with very fine pink shimmer, malvadee is a very hot pink with hot pink shimmer, and beauty is a vibrant gold with gold shimmer.

They come out looking super pigmented but when they are actually applied on my lips, they were very sheer and gorgeous!

I absolutely LOVE thick sticky glosses and thats how these are. They are thick and sticky much like my mac glosses so they really stay put. At only $6 each, I will for SURE be buying a lot more!!

Thank you Zoya for my 3 free glosses!!!

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