Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dollar Store Makeup?

I'm serious. A few months ago I was asked to do a Dollar Store Makeup review. Today my mom needed to grab some things there, and asked me to go with her so I did.

After a few minutes of perusing the decent sized selection (including l'oreal, covergirl and maybelline for some big names!), I grabbed a couple lesser known company items.

I ended up buying 3 L.A colors lipglosses in (l-r) Pink, happiness, dreamy pink. I also grabbed two L.a colors automatic eyeliners in black. After the few makeup items I picked up, I saw a bunch of skincare items as well so I had to check those out. I found the mask tucked in the back behind a bunch of other body butters that I had no interest in. April Bath & Shower. I have yet to try it but I am excited.

Those are the swatches of the glosses and eyeliners (top- happiness, middle - dreamy pink, bottom- pink) and the black eyeliner.

The eyeliner did not seem as pigmented as I was hoping, but for a dollar..I'm not so worried lol.

I will do a better review on the eyeliner once I try it out!

But for the lipglosses..surprisingly I am impressed! They are verryyyy sheer! Which obviously some people aren't into, but I love sheer gloss. They smell amazing like bubble gum and go on VERY smoothly. They were slightly on the sticky side, but I don't mind a sticky gloss, I feel that they have better staying power than the less sticky glosses. So I would definitely buy these glosses again!

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