Monday, November 2, 2009

Korres Natural Pomegranate Makeup Remover Wipes

After about a month of collection Coca- Cola rewards points religiously, I had a little over 200 points. I had been saving up originally to get a magazine subscription, however once I hit 200 points, I saw they had a $10 "e-gift card" type deal for I was super excited!

I had wanted to try the Korres Natural line for quite a while but had never really crossed my mind when actually ordering from stores that carry the line. The wipes were $12 with free shipping (the coupon code I used has expired, but there are plenty more coupons on With my $10 from, I only paid $2 for the wipes!

& Onto the reveiw:

I received my package from finally this afternoon! I immediately ripped it open to try the wipes. I am overall impressed. Would I buy them again? Yes. Recommend them? Yes.

The smell is not at all strong, they come in a resealable package, and they are not dripping with solution. My skin did not feel tight or sticky after using them either.

After using the wipe to take my makeup off, I swiped my face with a toner soaked cotton ball. I will say this, there WAS makeup on the cotton ball, BUT it was so faint, that I barely noticed it.

Pros: light scent, small package BIG wipe, not overly moist, oil free, did not dry my face, thick soft wipes, did not tear

Cons: light makeup residue left behind

Overall, I am impressed with the quality of the wipes, however it is only day one. It is possible they could make my skin break out, so I will keep you updated!!


rhaindropz said...

hi hun.. how are you doing?


Angela said...

never tried this before but it does sounds good.