Friday, November 13, 2009

Full Size Freebies!

As some of you know from my twitter or facebook account, I went to target last night to get free stuff. Many of you have facebooked me or emailed me asking me how I get things for free at actual stores.

Most of the time I have a lot of high value coupons that I combine with the sales in each store to take advantage of the savings, but last night was different.

I have been doing an experiment lately where I email 5-10 companies every day to send them a compliment and tell them how much I love their products. I do this only for companies I use on a regular basis. The point of this is to receive coupons, freebies or samples.

The items you see above are all items I got for free last night (there would have been 3 jars of salsa but target apparently does not accept the free pace coupons..bummer!)

Many times just from taking some time out of your day to email these companies, you can get free or high value coupons from them. I also emailed Purina when the zipper on my dog food bag broke off. The zipper helps keep my daughter out of the food, as well as keeping any other pesky things out. (We live in a pretty "country" town so we get lots of mice, esp this time of year! so the zipper keeps them out too), so I emailed Purina to let them know what had happened, and they sent me a coupon for a free bag of dog food up to $35!

These companies want to keep you as a loyal buyer and most times will send you free product or very high value coupons! I think it is totally worth it to take an hour out of my day to email these companies!

I simply go to the products website, find the little "contact us" link (usually at the very top or very bottom), click on that and send a short email with a compliment and thats it! I generally hear from the companies within 24 hours!

Good luck!!

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