Sunday, November 29, 2009

Free/Almost Free Closet

Or as I like to call it..the Vernancio Mini Mart! Lol..A lot of you have asked where I keep my free products/how I store them/how I organize them.

Well I have finally gotten around to taking a picture of my freebie closet so here it is!

I had to take it in two pictures, and you still cant even see how much stuff is in there lol. These are just my free/almost free full size products, I am going to do another post on how I store my free samples.

A few months ago, our dryer broke, because we have limited room in our condo, we had one of those washer/dryer in one combo was old and my mom & dad were nice enough to buy us a new washer/dryer! We found a set that was energy star rated, and small enough to JUST fit in our closet where the hookups were! Thank god!! lol Since we no longer had the stackables/all in one thing, we had room to put up shelves, which is what we did!

The shelves have given us so much more room to store things which freed up a lot of room in our linen closet! YAY! ..maybe now I can convince my husband we NEED pretty new towels??

Anyway, that is my stockpile closet for those of you who have asked, and keep your eye out for my free sample storage too!

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