Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Have You Used Freecycle?

If you haven't START NOW!

I have a passion for candy making and cake decorating..actually..I have a passion for pretty much all crafts! lol

Candy making in particular can be SO expensive to get started (molds, chocolates, lollipop sticks, etc) and I had little for molds until about two weeks ago.

I was surfing the freecycle emails I received on my phone and happened to read one that had all the stuff that I could use. I quickly emailed the woman, and was able to pick up the supplies the next day.

The woman (Moureen) was so generous with what she gave me, I can't even believe it! Hundreds of cookie cutters, a cupcake stand, tons of chocolate wafers for candy making (sealed bags & packages), icing tools, etc! Plus some of the stuff she gave me isn't even pictured! I was SO excited!

Anyway, back to freecycle itself. Freecycle is a network of people who give and receive items totally free. There are very few rules but the biggest one is that EVERYTHING on the site needs to be offered for free. I have given away bags of baby food, diapers, clothes, a vacuum, and tons of other items. The purpose is to keep usable items out of landfills when it can be used by someone else.

CLICK HERE to find a freecycle group near you and start clearing out that attic or basement or shed or whatever! lol

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